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13 Halloween Nail Looks For Grown-Ups & Very Mature Kids

Being bombarded with “spooky season” content? Let us contribute but with some actual informative inspo.  Leaves and temperatures may be falling, but these fresh set nail styles are on the rise. 
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Being bombarded with “spooky season” content? Let us contribute with some applicable holiday inspo.  Leaves and temperatures may be falling, but these fresh set nail styles are on the rise. 

If you’ve never gotten into the holiday spirit because you’ve never had time, inspiration, or motivation — now is your chance. Go ahead, accept that Halloween dinner party invite, refuse to shy away from your kid’s Halloween-themed birthday party, say yes to those matching family costumes. When it comes to nails, we’ve got you covered. 

The “I need to make an impression but I don’t want pumpkins on my nails”  


New boss just invited you to your first dinner party since the pandemic started and it’s Halloween themed? And it’s costume mandatory? Don’t be daunted. Instead, be daring and make an impression by asking for this genius subtle crimson nail. Honestly, the compliments will be just dripping off you (see what we did there? We’re that obnoxiously confident you’ll kill this look). You're going to absolutely murder this look with that blood-dripping affect.

The “simple but still festive”


Maybe you’re not the first person your friends think of when they think ‘edgy style’, and that’s okay. You can still celebrate the season and take advantage of Halloween colors but in muted tones. This nail still incorporates the orange and black while not being over the top. Ask your aesthetician for a salmon orange and shiny black polish with a “shattering” effect of glitter across the accent nail and middle finger. This style won’t push you too far out of your comfort zone but you can still have something on brand for the season. Plus, this look pairs with anything, costume or not! 

The “I actually got Disney+ for me not my kids” 

Were you just roped into taking your kid to their first Halloween party of the season? Whether you’re dreading the evening or absolutely pumped for the cutest little costumes you’ve ever seen, be on theme with these utterly adorable sparkly nails that are right at home in the worlds of Tangled and Enchanted.

Looking for costume ideas to go trick-or-treating with the kids? Here’s Valeria putting 110% into big “Dad on Vacation” Energy. So strap on your fanny pack and take the kids to Disney World with this fresh set.  

The “I got a new piercing”

Image credits: Gold Book Magazine

Now, bear with us, this trend is catching. Say you’re dressing up as a 1980s Madonna or really any rock n’ roll queen. Or maybe you’re just tired of the norm. Add a small hoop to your non-dominant fingernail. Important note, don’t try this at home. Your esthetician may need a heads up to drill into the enhancement section of your fingernail. It’s less scary than it sounds — but will add to any scary outfit you choose. If you’re really not feeling the commitment of a piercing, just add a cheeky sticker to the edge of the nail and you're good to go. 

The “It’s Britney, B*tch” 

Be the ringleader at this year’s circus (party). We are always inspired by the unshakeable beauty and power of Britney Spears but these nails could work for anything from a Moulin Rouge vibe to more of a Maleficent malevolence. Strong female protagonists are where it’s at. Complete the outfit with these two-toned red nails that are just subtle enough you can still feel like you’re not distracting others during your work presentation. 


The “Lady Macbeth” 

Not unique enough for you? Try this asymmetrical nail shape we just found. Super chic but definitely edgier, we’re getting major rich-widow-who-just-murdered-her-husband vibes. 



The “I listen to true crime podcasts” 

Okay, we’re obsessed. This may not be the flashiest, but the blood is so on brand with Halloween and we didn't even have to try that hard. You could also ask for this design over black, grey, or white polishes if you want some colour. 

The “understated but still spooky”


Speaking of cute and understated, how precious is this little ghost? Honestly, we wear onyx nails throughout the fall and winter seasons so it’s easy to throw a little seasonal design on our accent finger depending on what holiday it is. Make it a ghost, make it a ghoul, make it a pumpkin or a full on haunted house — literally anything you choose will stand out when framed by those black surrounding nails.

The “we love a witchy vibe”


Love Halloween but not the scary side of things? Do you channel a witchy vibe but not the cauldron churning kind? Here's a cosmic and cute alternative. The black tipped French manicure with these delicate golden crescent moons is something you can wear long into November. 



Why do we feel like Edna from The Incredibles would totally wear these no nonsense nails? She’s our forever influence to “pull ourselves together” and get it done. Also how unique is this inverted triangle detailing? And the matte creating that pointed illusion? Make sure to square off the ends for that effect and make sure to slay everyday because Edna says so.  


The “I didn't have time for a costume so I'll be a cat” 


Now these are feisty. Not usually the type to don leopard print or a slinky onesie? Well this holiday season, why not let yourself be that person? Be the fierce she-leopard we know you can be with this incredibly detailed nail design. This tortoise-shell gel is guaranteed to attract attention on Halloween night. Plus, these nails stand out great with solid colour outfits. 

The “we stan Gryffindor” 


Or whatever house you identify with, these nails will absolutely be a conversation starter if you're looking for a really unique costume nail. Let’s begin with the golden snitch accent nail. Actually, must we comment further? It’s a golden snitch on your fingernail. You can take this and run with any favourite franchise. We’ve seen Nightmare Before Christmas nails, The Addams Family nails - really anything you can think of. Take the colour scheme, add some sparkle, add a symbol and you’re golden (like the snitch). 

The "blood stain but make it fashion"

You could play it safe and go with a perfectly pretty neutral orange or black nail but this crimson-on-white design will definitely stand out at a crowded costume party. The random brush stroke affect over white polish is killer without going overboard. These nails could pair with a You season 3 watch party, a zombie bride type thing, or maybe you just don't have time to plan a costume but you still want to slay the season. 


Still haven't found the perfect costume yet? Please, we're begging you, not another “Cereal Killer” pun costume! Stay tuned for Valeria's full Halloween 2021 LookBook this month and stay up to date on costume ideas each week!


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