14 Trendy Fall Outfits to Keep You Cozy & Cool

14 Trendy Fall Outfits to Keep You Cozy & Cool

If you’re lacking inspiration for the season or are still holding onto those skirts and shorts, we’ve incorporated go-to essentials into our Fall 2021 LookBook for every outfit you need this season! 
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The air is becoming crisp (if you live in the northern hemisphere), the smell of cardamom floats on the wind (if you’re lucky enough to live near a bakery), and Starbucks has prepared their employees for the onslaught of post-pumpkin patch pickers flooding in for their seasonally-spiced latte fix (pro tip: they serve these drinks all year round, but it would feel wrong if you ordered one in July, wouldn’t it?). The point is, the autumn wardrobe is in full swing and the cardigans, the vests, the plaids, and the boots are finally at the forefront of our closets.

If you’re lacking inspiration for the season or are still holding onto those skirts and shorts, we’ve incorporated these go-to essentials into our Fall 2021 LookBook for every outfit you need this season: 

Back to Black


1. All Black Button-Up  ⁠

Let's be honest, black never goes out of style! Plus, combat boots can be easily paired with patterned skirts or dresses if you're creating more than one outfit from several of the same pieces (because aren't we all?). 

Suit (something similar) - Smythe
Combat Boots - Revolve
Sunnies - Verie 

2. Emily in Paris Vibes  ⁠

You didn't think we were finished with leather, did you? A black beret with a black trench coat will have you looking as chic as ever. Valeria's wearing the Corinne Hand Chain for a little extra shine in this all black look. 

Leather Skirt - Storets
Sweater Vest - ⁠H&M
Beret - ⁠thrifted 
Trench - ⁠vintage Dior, thrifted 
Bag - Dior

3. Biker Gang Vibes 

Pay attention to how Valeria tucks in this Frankie Shop tee to create a nice silhouette with this longer flowing Mango Slip Skirt. The high cowboy-style boots hit the perfect spot for this length of skirt and throwing a leather jacket overtop means that you mean business. 

Muscle Tee - The Frankie Shop
Slip Skirt - ⁠Mango
Boots - ⁠asos, something similar @ Zara
Leather Jacket - thrifted ⁠
Bag - Chanel
Sunnies - Verie

Tailored on Tailored 


1. The Classic (but not basic) Autumn Turtleneck 

Bring back that turtleneck because we're only getting started. Wide-leg denim shorts create another beautiful silhouette when paired with a form fitting shirt and tall brown boots. 

Blazer (something similar) - Pixie Market
Denim Short - Shona Joy
Boots - Zara
Turtleneck - Aritzia
Sunnies - Verie


2. Thrift this Fit 

We love a good thrift haul. And in that recycling spirit, this outfit uses the leather jacket and mini Dior purse you'll remember from the Black to Back section, as well as the white button-down from the Leather Weather section.

Plaid Trousers - thrifted, something similar @ H&M
White Button Down - Agne Gilyte
Sneakers - Sam Edelman
Jacket - thrifted
Bag - Dior


3. Give Us More Shorts! 

Not ready to commit to the full-on sweater vest? Here's the perfect alternative. We're re-using those Zara brown boots for this uniquely-pleated take on vests.  Since this outfit is heavy on the creams and browns, add a pop of color in your bag and accessories. 

White Shorts - Thrifted
White Button Down - Agne Gilyte
Vest - Sandro Paris, something similar @ Hudson's Bay
Boots (something similar) - ZARA

Leather Weather


1. Pretty in Pleats

Love your skirts but also really want to lean into the fall footwear season? Here's an easy go-to for office or errands where we can pair our long skirts and turtlenecks with a shin-high boot. 

Barrel Skirt - Mayka
Blazer (something similar) - Smythe 
Shirt - Aritzia
Boots (something similar) - Zara
Bag - Dior

2. Vintage Florals for Knits? Groundbreaking 

Take a page right out of Harry Style's tour get-ups (did you see our HS Halloween costume?), and find browns and yellows in knits and leather. These brown leather pants can be mixed and matched to create unlimited fall outfits while this floral vest can be re-used in the summer, sans white button-up base layer. 

Pants - Paige
Vest - Amazon
Button-down - Agne Gilyte
Sneakers - Dior
Bag - Chanel

3. Trenchcoat, meet shorts

Don't shove your shorts to the back of the closet just yet. Create a nice contrast between the long buttoned trench coat with a loose-fitting Bermuda short. You'll still qualify as 'in season' while secretly holding onto summer.

White leather shorts - thrifted
Shirt - Pixie Market
Trench (something similar) - Zara
Loafers - Mango
Bag (something similar) - Hermes

4. These (fall) Boots Were Made for Walking

You'll be comfy cozy in a knit shacket so keep those shorts for awhile longer. Pair it with a crossbody bag and almost knee-high boots for crisper autumn weather. 

Shacket - Storets
Shorts (something similar) - Aritzia
Turtleneck - Aritzia
Bag - Dior
Boots (something similar) - H&M 

Vested Investment


1. The OG Layer

Vests are the original layering pieces - and layering is your best friend in cooler weather. If skinny jeans are dead, what do I wear instead? Here's an option: these jeans are a wide-leg style which leaves room for slip-on loafers or sneakers. The vest underneath adds some color and texture while the trench coat is right on theme for the season. 

Vest (something similar) - H&M
White Button Down - Agne Gilyte
Jeans - Paige
Loafers - Mango
Trench - vintage Dior, thrifted
Bag - Chanel 

2. Button-down Bling 

Choosing a longer button-down will accent the layers you create with a cropped vest. Choosing a bedazzled button-down will make sure there's an added head-turning detail in your outfit. 

Button-down - Revolve
Vest - H&M
Skirt - Paige
Sunnies - Verie

3. Prep School Patterns 

Grab that turtleneck, grab those boots, and grab that blazer - we're not done with you yet! Take all three of these pieces from earlier outfits and throw a vest on underneath. It will change the outfit enough so it's not too similar to any outfit from earlier in the week. Try color co-ordinating your bag with the vest for a cheeky matching moment. 

Vest (something similar) - Mango
Turtleneck - Aritzia
Blazer - Smythe
Shorts - thrifted
Boots (something similar) - Chanel

4. That 70's Vibe 

Sweater vests, pleated vests, silk vests - these pieces are so versatile for fall and winter seasons because they come in so many different materials. On a warmer day, pair a lighter vest over a blouse with jeans and look totally chic while still dressed up for any occasion. If it's cooler out, easily throw a shacket or trench coat over this outfit. 

Vest - Dynamite
Top - Veronica Beard 
Jeans - Zara
Sneakers - Sam Edelman

Watch our fall styles in action in our 2021 Fall LookBook!

Check out more of our Outfit LookBooks for inspiration on your next killer fit! 

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