11 Father's Day Gifts, Dad Approved

11 Father's Day Gifts, Dad Approved

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Father’s day is June 20th which means if you’re reading this, you’ve got no time to waste. This year we’ve curated the best gifts to thank the dads (and dad-adjacent people) in our lives for all that they do. For some of us, this last year led to more time with Dad. For others, it led to less. But either way, a big thank you is in order, and we’ve made it simple—and stylish, of course. 


Humanrace Skincare Set

Available at Humanrace | Shop Here

If getting Dad to invest in his self-care routine is a struggle, make things super simple for him. Humanrace comes from known skincare enthusiast and ageless wonder Pharrell Williams. The line’s main focus is to prepare, repair, and protect through a regimen anyone can follow.

Movie Experience, Dad's Pick

Sometimes the best gifts are things that don't fit in a box. Try gifting Dad an experience he will remember, like an at home dinner and movie screening of his favorite film. Last year for their anniversary Valeria gifted Gary the ultimate dinner and a movie backyard experience, you can watch the vlog here for some inspo! Best part? This gift does not require 7-10 shipping days.


Sigil Scent Fragrance Flight

Available at Sigil Scent | Shop Here
Fragrance has the power to solidify memories and for dads with a young brood, a signature scent could be cemented for life. Psychological studies show that our memories of scents peak around age 5, and those of us with strong scent memories know how comforting and vivid they can be. Whether or not the kids are grown up, helping him find his new scent with a fragrance flight is a great gift.  

Theragun Massager

Available At Theregun | Shop Here

From the occasional DIY to running around the park, dadding is a physical endeavour. Lucky for your busy guy, sore muscles and aching backs are no match for this hand-held masseuse. Cramps, knots, and tension get kneaded away quietly and conveniently so he can keep up with whatever is on the agenda.


Ember Smart Mug

Available at Ember | Shop Here
You can’t dad without coffee, and there’s nothing worse than a cup that’s gone cold in the midst of the morning rush. Enter: the Ember Mug. This nifty gadget doesn’t just keep coffee hot—it keeps it at the exact drinking temperature of choice for 1.5 hours. Brilliant if you ask us.

Marshall Speaker


Available At Best Buy | Shop Here

For the musical mister in your life, let us suggest the Marshall Acton speaker. With a vintage vibe and modern technology, this wireless speaker is perfect for the dad who might be reminiscing on the glory days. Even better, it fills your home with crisp sound without taking up space.


 Kinto Coffee Tumbler

Available at Kinto USA | Shop Here

More coffee gear because we know Dad needs it. For early morning soccer practice, summer road trips, or even his daily commute (if that’s still a thing), taking his coffee with him is just as important as keeping it hot. What we love about Kinto is that it blends functionality with form so there is no compromise on style.


Want Essentials Weekender Tote

Available at Mr.Porter | Shop Here

With travel returning, we’ve got our eye on quick weekend trips to ease back into things. Crafted with organic cotton, the Want Les Essentials Hart Weekender Tote is perfect for just that.  Now you just have to decide if you’re taking the kids with you or not.


Apron from The Organic Company

 Available at Goodee | Shop Here

Perfect for cooking, crafting, and everything in between, a proper apron is the piece Dad doesn’t know he’s missing. Made with durable organic cotton, this five-pocket apron from The Organic Company keeps his tools close at hand, no matter the project.

Scrabble Deluxe Edition

Available at CB2 | Shop Here

Nothing says quality time quite like healthy competition. Challenge Dad to a duel and upgrade your game room all in one with this elevated take on the age-old classic. The design turns this more into a décor piece and the swivel bottom will change the way you play. Whatever you do, just don’t be a sore loser (or winner).


Dyson Vacuum

Available at Dyson | Shop Here

For the Dad who find cleaning therapeutic. Or for the Dad who you want to drop a hint to help with the cleaning. This Dyson vacuum turns cleaning into a game, with a laser to detect microscopic dust the vacuums' display counts and measures the size and amount of dust particles. Yes, a laser. Game on.

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