4 Rules For Spring Season Ear Parties

4 Rules For Spring Season Ear Parties

I'm more than ready for garden parties, backyard patios, morning coffee dates, and this weekend's Oscar viewing parties! Who's with me? I haven't shared any ear party tips for this new season yet - so what better time, now that we actually have plans that require us to leave the house? 

Readers, I saw a flower yesterday. Being from Toronto, I also saw hail, freezing rain, snow, and a bit of sun within the same twenty four hour period - but I call the flower sighting an official win. Without a doubt this means that springtime has finally reached the majority of the northern hemisphere (we're always weeks behind it seems) so I'm breaking out colorful rompers, denim jackets, and my white Keds. I'm more than ready for garden parties, backyard patios, morning coffee dates, and next weekend's Oscar viewing parties! Who's with me? I haven't shared any ear party tips for this new season yet - so what better time then when we actually have plans to leave the house?


1. Use Contrasting Materials

Pictured: Sloane Earring, Verie

There is true power in contrast. It gives each piece the spotlight it deserves, which is a key consideration when you're building ear parties - especially when you are wearing multiple pieces on one ear. We talked about the comeback of pearls, and I'm ecstatic that this trend is not going anywhere. Pearls are truly timeless. They'll forever class up even the most casual of looks (again, a great contrast style is casual clothing with 'fancier' chic pearls). I just always feel like Coco Chanel when wearing them, don't you? 

Pictured: Sloane Earring, Verie 

For ear parties this season, we're doubling up on pearls and inviting individualistic pearl styles to every event we grace. Several years ago I found these stunning pearls in an antique market and they're still my go-to when I want to feel fancy on a random Monday. They're set in a silver backing - but I've been on the hunt lately for hoop-style pearls to pair them with. The favorite look this spring is hoops with pearls - so try to find both and wear them together. 

Pearls pair well with something sparkling. A huggie with diamond settings or just a simple gold cuff will create that beautiful contrast I mentioned earlier. This spring and summer season, we're seeing a return to older styles, to vintage designs, to what I like to refer to as a "Shakespearean Midsummer Night's Dream" aesthetic with flowing dresses, lace, and golden accents. I'm currently obsessed with pieces that combine vintage-like elements: like pearls and gold in the Wren Huggie (pictured on Valeria below). It's a piece that combines the classic pearl look with a gold hoop - a combination in one piece I don't see too often. I use it as a solo piece or as the main guest in every ear party I create. 

Pictured: Wren Huggie, Willa Threader, Verie


2. Layer Your Gold

Pictured: Lou Cuff, Verie

I mentioned the elements and accents of romanticism that are already defining the spring and summer fashion season - but there's also a strong influence of 1970's style. Specifically, another personal obsession I touched on earlier: gold hoops. Just layering gold everywhere (read how to properly layer your jewelry here) means taking full advantage of what ear parties give you - real estate for jewelry.

If you don't have multiple piercings - covet the cuff! They're easy to just slip on your ear in multiple places; meaning, it's the simple solution to adorning your ears with more than one shining piece without making an appointment at Claire's (does that place still exist?). 

Pictured: Lou Cuff, Verie 

Pictured: Tiffy Hoops, Victoria Cuff, Verie

Cuffs pair well with anything - so if you're in the market for an investment piece that will work well with the earrings you already have - cuffs are the most flexible and most worth the money. 

Pictured: Victoria Cuff, Verie

3. Double (And Triple) Up On Styles

Pictured: Tal Cuff, Verie

Of course, we love a good mix of styles in any ear party. Pearls, cuffs, studs - they all belong. But you can create stunning symmetry by strategically placing similarly shaped pieces near each other on your ear. I'm talking two cuffs, one solid material and one stone-set, on either side of a stud (like Valeria's pictured wearing above); or differing sizes of a cuff and huggie next to each other (pictured below). It really gives that obvious dimension to the ear but doesn't let any piece fade into the background. 

Pictured: Tal Cuff, Verie

If total symmetry is your game - doubling or tripling up on the same piece is a look we're seeing more and more. Further, pieces that are the same but different in featured stone or color adds that little bit of dimension to a matching look. A matching blazer and short-suit with matching ear party? You're really leaning into the spring season. Brightly colored ear parties? You've won. 

Pictured: Halle Huggie, Verie


4. The Final Addition: Threaders

Pictured: Willa Threader, Verie

Perhaps the biggest emergence in the ear party game this year is threaders. I'm seeing them more often because you can hook them onto studs to create that lovely chain-look - or just wear them dangling on their own. Since the "ear party" started becoming a common term in the fashion world - threaders have rightfully earned their invitation. Connecting them onto cuffs is another great way to incorporate a third style into your party. 

Pictured: Tiffy Hoops, Bowie Cuff, Verie 



Pictured: Willa Threader, Verie

However you choose to style your party this spring, remember that you can create multiple looks like in the photos in this article by just investing in two to three key pieces, like a gold cuff that you can place in multiple areas of your ear, a piece that combines two looks you love (like a pearl and a hoop), or a threader that can give you a drop-earring style or a chain-style. Happy partying! 


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