5 Dramatic Denims That Will Sweep Your Spring

5 Dramatic Denims That Will Sweep Your Spring

Cowboys, French Weavers, and the blessed return of the mini skirt. Denim has always had our backs - and we can once again rely on the unique takes on the timeless look for absolutely slaying this Spring fashion season.
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Fashion is beautiful in that, it is forever changing and adapting; eternally shining as a beacon of creation. Trends come and go, they return and roll over, they are fleeting, but in rare instances, they never leave us. There are small corners of the fashion realm that remain in place - they may shift based on the decade, but they never ever lose the universal agreement that they're "in style." The reigning champion example is of course denim. 

Ever since Jacob W. Davis developed the rivet-reinforced denim pants somewhere in Nevada in 1873, everyone has relied on the shape-protecting, comfort-meets-style-regardless-of-decade fabric. From cowboys in saddles to celebrities on runways - this fabric will always grace clothing racks. This spring, the classic jean will always be a perfect baseline to build florescent colors around - but it's the unique and diverse denim that will steal the spotlight. Here are our favorite trends you need to hop on this season, and how to best style them:


1. Jumpsuits

Shop this look: Paige, Anessa Jumpsuit - Vintage Rouge Glow
Puffed Sleeve, cropped wide leg, with quilted belt and double chest pockets. 

You don't have to be scaling a forty-foot utility pole to pull off the jumpsuit. Things in life are rarely easy, but the one-piece never forsakes us. Jumpsuits were running wild and on everyone's minds (and in everyone's closets) a few years back, and they never really went away completely. This spring and summer they're making an epic comeback in the shades of vibrant colors (colors for spring? groundbreaking!). They're perfect because you can pair them with a cardigan on cooler days, or heels for a 'classy' casual look. String a double set of pearls like Valeria's styling it in the image above with a puffed sleeve, cropped wide leg silhouette jumpsuit from Paige. The double chest pockets and larger buttons really draw inspiration from that western, Nevada-inspired denim we know and love. 

You could also tie a scarf around your neck and pull on chunky knee-high boots and you're instantly from the era the jumpsuit first graced magazine pages - the 1970's. Speaking of that decade, say hello to the next trend...

Shop the look: Paige, Anessa Short Sleeve Jumpsuit - Jelina
Puffed short-sleeve, cropped wide leg silhouette in dark Indigo 

2. Say It With Flare!

Image: CR Fashion Book

If you keep up with fashion trends, it's no surprise that flared jeans are back in. Wide-legged, extreme-flared, this style is automatically reminiscent of the 1960's and 1970's English and American issues of Vogue. But the bell-bottom shape was anything but new, even at that ancient time!

Image: Jadato

The first recorded description of a bell-bottom, flared pant was in the century previous to the momentous and definable time period of the '60s and '70s. Let me take you back to the nautical decks of the British Royal Navy. Always a muse for high seas fashion designers (is the anchor quite possibly the most famous symbol?), sailors' uniforms in 1813 were recorded as "glazed canvas hats with stiff brims, decked with streamers of ribbon, blue jackets buttoned loosely over waistcoats, and blue trousers with bell bottoms," (Naval History and Naval Command). So we're working with a historically agreed upon fashionable look here. 

Flared jeans are distinguished by the immediate shape starting at the knees and moving outwards, and nowadays, the flares range from extreme (like what's pictured below) to mild, with recent celebrity looks ranging from the '90s boyfriend cut to the relaxed mom jean with a high waist and a wider leg (like Valeria's wearing above). 

Shop this look: Paige, The Nines Collection // Corset Genevieve in Boss Black 
Long flare design made from TRANSCEND stretch denim, faux welt back pockets and black enamel buttons. 


Another trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere (thankfully) are the distressed denim bottoms - ranging from a few visible threads to misshapen hems. 

Shop this look: Paige, Claudine - Seine
Vintage-inspired, high rise ankle flare in medium blue. Natural whiskering and frayed hem. Cut from TRANSCEND VINTAGE denim with authentic denim tailoring and stretch and recovery.  

3. Surrender the Suits

Shop this look: Paige, SANDERSON x PAIGE Chelsee Blazer - Tan Multi Lyon
Lyon print, hand-drawn floral blazer in soft tan. Designed with slight nipped waist, relaxed shape. Crafted with stretch crepe fabric, notch-collar, double buttons and welt pockets.

Yes that's right, a denim suit that isn't a Canadian Tuxedo. No shade on that timeless style - but for Spring 2022, we want something with more flavor. This year, that is undoubtedly this Paige collaboration series with Sanderson, an internationally-renowned wallpaper, paint, and fabric studio out of England. We've read the reports; we know that textiles, patterns, and a return to older styles will dominate 2022/2023 fashion seasons - so it's ingenious to collaborate with a company that has been leading the pattern industry since 1920.

A mainstay of Queen Lizzy's Buckingham Palace apartments, this suit features the iconic hand-drawn prints with a classically beautiful silhouette - a spot of tea, anyone?

Shop this look: Paige, SANDERSON x PAIGE Naomi Trouser - Tan Multi
Crafted high-rise trouser from crepe suiting fabric, sits straight from hip down, finishing with slight boot cut. 


4. Bring Us The Basics

'Denim' literally translates to "sturdy fabric." The word in english originated as a contraction from the French phrase "serge de Nîmes", which makes sense since denim is thought to have come from France. Wait - what? That's right, this history lesson isn't over, and I didn't reveal the entire story earlier when I mentioned cowboys in Levi's and British boys aboard fleet ships. 

Near the end of the 17th century, the french town of Nîmes was booming because of its textile industry (I think you can tell where I’m going with this!) and that industry specialized in silk. Top french producers of woollen sheets, shawls, and hosiery were exported across Europe with a fabric called serge de Nîmes. This serge was a twill weave fabric, originally a mixture of wool and silk devised by shepherds in the Cévennes mountains that lie northwest of Nîmes. History believes that these woven with indigo threads mixed with white silk and wool created a hardy cloth that was durable enough for working in all day (Culture Trip, 2018).

We also have to consider that the “jean” fabric is recorded as early as the 15th century. Also a blend of wood and cotton, it lacked the silk aspect of “denim”, and comes from Genoa in Italy (Culture Trip, 2018). Jean fabric was exported to England in the 16th century - meaning “jean” and “denim” were being worn around the same pages of our history books, sealing them in a forever friendship.


Shop this look: Paige, Ultra High Rise Cindy - Stargaze
'90s supermodel jean featuring ultra high-rise, straight fit ending just above ankle. Vintage wash and subtle distressing for well-worn look.

All this to say, denim has had our backs, and - let's not shy away from the truth - our backsides, for centuries. It's the basic, go-to, forever supportive friend, who can be dressed up to anything but basic, or partner perfectly with a simple white t-shirt. This spring, you'll hear a lot about bright colors, wild patterns, and retro-trends, but never forget that pairing you simplest top, blouse, or sweater with a pair of trusty jeans will always look good, regardless of season. You can let your personality shine with just a simple jean in a "new" style like trying a dramatic flare cut, or a homemade distressed look. 

5. Make it Mini

Lastly, but arguably the most trendy as I write this, is the return of the mini. Mini skirts and dresses were all over this month's New York Fashion Week runways, and although we're not loving the return of the low-rise jean, we love a shorter hemline that the mini skirt offers. 

We can hop on this trend by enlisting, that's right, you guessed it, denim. Paired with a cropped sweater, and tucked in blouse or oversized men's button-up and high boots, this look will lengthen your legs to miles and take advantage of that slowly improving spring weather!

Image: The Daily Mail UK

We're also seeing celebrities and style icons reaching back to the not-so-distant decade of the '80s with the tight fitting denim frock with puffed sleeves, padded shoulders, and altogether full denim looks.

Image: Hollywood Life 

If you're not quite ready to commit to 100% denim, you cannot go wrong with an oversized denim jacket over a mini dress. The trend of this spring's invisible hemline means everyone's wearing longer coats and mini skirts. Pair them with a combat boot and lettuce trim socks for that brilliant balance of punk rock and feminine charm. 


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