5 Fashion Mistakes You're Probably (Definitely) Making

5 Fashion Mistakes You're Probably (Definitely) Making

Whether your outfits are feeling bland or over-worked, or you're loving your go-to's and have an outfit picked out for every day of the week - regardless of your relationship with your closet, you may be unknowingly making these five fashion mistakes. Easily remedied, paying attention to these five tips and you'll be bringing your looks to the next level.
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Maybe your outfits are feeling bland or over-worked, or maybe you're loving your go-to essentials and have an outfit picked out for every day of the week by Sunday night - regardless of your relationship with your closet, you may be unknowingly making these five fashion mistakes. Luckily, they're easily remedied. Pay attention to these tips and you'll instantly bring your looks to the next level! 

1. Not Embracing Color

Don't be afraid to embrace color. No, you don't need to jump in head first and start experimenting by mixing a ton of different hues together; especially if you're more of a black pants, black shirt, black boots kind of person. One item can change the game. Use a bag, a coat, or an accessory that won't intimidate you.

If you're not one to carry a kaleidoscopic handbag or you even shy away from brightly colored canvas shopping bags, try a lighter blue or brown blazer over  white or patterned pants. Add in a muted blue or brown handbag. We know blues and browns compliment each other, so always pay attention to how you're coordinating your colors. For example, if your white trousers have brown buttons, choose a brown handbag. Focus on items that bring out your personality, rather than items that push you too far out of your comfort zone or make you feel self-conscious. 

Hot tip: think about color blocking. This technique is when you take two to three colors that are generally on opposite sides of the color wheel and bring them together through bolder statement pieces. Sounds risky, but it actually does look good. Pictured above is a more extreme example courtesy of Valeria's closet. This purple knit sweater and these yellow pants are colors we may normally not partner together, but since these pants are a muted yellow, they work. You wouldn't necessarily want to pair a deep royal purple sweater with neon yellow or mustard pants.

Subtle color differences in your clothes and accessories can really elevate your outfit. If you're feeling adventurous, take two colors that you don't wear or see together often and merge them to make a new look.

2. Buying too many of the same pieces

We hear you, it can be a struggle not to do this. Styles are constantly evolving and our favorite brands are consistently releasing improved versions of our favorite pieces; you can never own too many little black dresses, right? But here's the thing - you can. Purging your closet every year (or every five years, let's be honest) introduces us to pieces we forgot we had and de-cluttering is a key to less stress and more happiness (thank you, Marie Kondo). 

So here's the hot tip: re-purpose over re-purchase. Find a dress that works for several occasions in your life. For example, a black cocktail dress that can be styled three different ways: 

Formal: A slinky, long black dress worn with heels or boots and a red lip is your elegant, effortless, and easiest look for a formal night out. You could also change the look of your classic spaghetti strap cocktail dress by using a tight black turtleneck as a base layer. 

Every day: Turn that dress into a skirt. For fall and winter, put a chunky sweater or cardigan over the dress. Use a belt to crop the sweater and add some shape around your waist. Pull the sweater slightly over the top of the belt to cover the belt, shorten the skirt, and create a cropped sweater look. Throw on some boots, a jacket, your favorite fall coat, and you're ready for a hang out, school, work, you name it. 

Casual:  Put on that dress and pair it with white sneakers. Use a sweater that has a pop of color or add a brighter colored bag and blazer. Not only does this look have layers, using accessories in colors that work together will give you three completely different looks with one piece. More closet room is in your future.  

3. Forgetting Your Silhouette 

Keep in mind what silhouette works for your body. Valeria loves wearing A-line trousers for comfort and definition of the waist. If your go-to is A-line, throw a sweater over top or a bigger blouse and this will make your legs appear long and your torso proportioned. 

What do you love about your body? What do you prefer to lead with? These are the questions to ask yourself when deciding what silhouette you want to focus on. 

Hot tip: Layers. If a definable waist is what you're going for, wear something short with multiple layers to create a different look. Pictured below is a vest dress, turtleneck, tights, boots, and an oversized coat for warmth; use a belt to cinch the waist and voila! Your waist is complimented immediately. 

4. Thinking sweatpants are for lounging only 

Anyone else still investing heavily in expanding your loungewear collection? Call it leftover habits from days spent in isolation, or just establishing that comfort and style do go hand in hand, but sweat sets can totally and easily be dressed up, especially if they're a narrower fitting set. They're not just for couch evenings, people! 

Hot tip: Pair with a more formal piece and accessorize. Put a blazer or crew neck over top of your matching sweat set. Wear the crew neck with a leather skirt, the set with a denim jacket, or sweat pants with a patterned overcoat. Pile on the jewelry, incorporate a pop of color like a beanie or a handbag, and it's officially what we're calling 'chill business' or 'lounge business' - is that already a thing? It should be. These are effortless outfits you can wear outdoors.

 Pictured above: Verie Everyday Sweatset

5. Not taking advantage of accessories 

Unlock the power of accessories and you've found the easiest way to make literally any outfit look 10x better. We're talking bags, belts, shoes, hair pieces, ear parties, you name it. All you have to do to make an outfit pop is add a little or add a lot - whatever you like. 

Hot tip: Layer your jewelry. If you're wearing an open top, layer two or three necklaces in differing lengths to create that neck-party look. If you get tangled easily and hate adjusting the chains throughout the day - find the length of the extender you want on each piece and fasten them all into one spring-ring clip. This way, they will all stay at the desired length and not shift around.

Pictured above: Verie Arya Choker, Leia Heart Necklace

If you're wearing a higher neckline, find earrings that tell more of your story. Into pearls lately? How about cuffs and mixed materials? Position your ear party to show off your personality! 

Pictured above: Verie Jenna Diamond Cuff, Yulie Chain, Lou Cuff, Leia Stud

Need inspiration when it comes to building a killer ear party? Here are our favorite looks and how to create them

Pictured above: Verie Sloane Earring, Lila Stud, Leia Stud, Camille Body Chain, Lucia Necklace, Rowen Necklace

Another hot tip: invest in better quality pieces that won't tarnish, rather than multiple cheaper pieces. Especially with accessories, since a couple pieces will work with multiple outfits.

With bags and shoes, you don't need to necessarily buy luxury, but pay attention to good quality materials; if you want a lasting handbag, look for legitimate leather. Invest in colors that stand the test of time and work with the colors of your wardrobe so you can continue color blocking to create multiple elevated looks. If your go-to outfit these days is more on the basic side and you're looking to revamp your look - think about the eye-catching details and don't neglect your accessories!

Pictured above: Verie Taylor Sunglasses

Need inspiration for handbag styles that stand the test of time? Here are our favorite styles that are worth the investment.

Watch Valeria chat about these 5 fashion mistakes live on her YouTube Channel! 

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samantha rothenberger

I love your earrings never take them off! But can you tell us the short plaid pinkish pants are from? And the next outfit with polls dot top?!

I love your earrings never take them off! But can you tell us the short plaid pinkish pants are from? And the next outfit with polls dot top?!

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