6 Go-To Hair Styles For A Chic Spring Season

6 Go-To Hair Styles For A Chic Spring Season

Gen Z's center part, the return of barrettes, and gorgeous chignons. The days are getting longer, dresses are returning, and the spring 2022 hairstyles are finally here.

Spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings. The buds are sprouting, the mercury is rising, and with that departs the layers upon layers of winter clothing (as much as ‘layering’ is a useful fashion strategy, we’re not complaining that there’s a break coming). You may be doing some spring cleaning and purging your closets to make space for the new styles that come with the changing of the seasons, but there is nothing quite like a new haircut or style to make you feel as fresh as the season.

Warmer temperatures means more dresses, more exposed shoulders, and (after a seemingly endless winter) some long awaited sun-kissed skin. Spring hair trends are going to be sleek, sprightly, and comfortable while still allowing for skin and spring outfits to shine.


1. 'Classic' Center Parts

There’s been a long fought TikTok battle between center hair parts (Gen Zs) and side parts (Millennials) and it seems Gen Z’s have won this war, a victory to possibly go along with their inexplicable Y2K low-rise jeans craze (although that battle has absolutely not been won as of yet). As long as they’re not trying to bring back the zigzag part or chunky streaks, we’re going to consider this partition specific-style a win.

The center part is all about putting the face on full display, embracing even the perceived flaws (that only you notice) which, frankly, is a sentiment we stand behind. Center parts are a versatile choice that can be paired with braids, space buns, or simply free flowing. There’s something pleasing about a symmetrical aesthetic, so consider us officially converted by Team Gen Z (at least on this front).

Image: InStyle


2. Trusty Top Knots


Buns have always been a go-to hair style, and it's not hard to see why. This quick and easy, low maintenance classic is the simplest way to keep everything neat and tidy whether you’re a few days past your wash cycle or you just want to make way for your outfit to take center stage. When pulled tight, like a ballerina bun, a top knot is a great way to naturally highlight the sharpness of your jawline and cheekbones without much need for contouring, while a messy top bun achieves many of the same effects of the ballerina bun with a much more relaxed, go-with-the-flow kind of feel, but no less sophisticated.

3. Charming Chignons

If you like the convenience of a bun but want a little more elegance for a wedding or dressier occasion, then a chignon is what you’re looking for. Although it may take a few more bobby pins and hairspray to accomplish the look, once finished you can set-it and forget-it. No worrying about sudden gusts of wind blowing hair into your mouth or humidity setting in to create a helmet head of hair.  In the same realm as the top knot, chignons are a go-to style for hiding greasier hair from the eyes, or keeping everything in place and out of the elements if you’re susceptible to humidity frizz. 

Image: Vanity Fair 

4. Lavish Layers (The “Rachel”)

Image: People

Staying on trend with the throwback styles, this hairstyle had so many of us running to the hairdresser with cut-out photos in our hands proclaiming we wanted “The Rachel.”  Probably thanks to the Friends reunion show last year and the steady rise of all things '90s and Y2K, the feathered look is making a comeback in a more subtle way this season. A comfortable mix between a short bob and too-long-to-maintain, The Rachel is all about volume and layers while framing the face in a super flattering way, especially for those with a heart-shaped face. Reportedly difficult to maintain, the modern-day Rachel is much more flowy than the OG style, in part thanks to alternative treatments than the traditional heat dominant choices of the past. A volumizing shampoo, a little hair serum, and a cool-setting blow dry is all you need to bring this ‘90s classic into the 21st century. 

Image: Grazia Daily

Image: Marie Claire Australia

5. Beaming Bangs

A lot of women are scared to get bangs, and we understand why - they’re a huge commitment. “Will they look good on my face? What happens if I change my mind after a few weeks?” Although there’s no good way to answer those questions, our one critically important piece of advice is, don’t try to cut your bangs yourself.

Bangs are such a versatile style that there is honestly something for every face type and level of commitment you’re willing to submit to. A sweeping side bang is a popular trend for those of us with round faces as they tend to lengthen our features, giving the appearance of a longer, oval visage, while long, layered bangs typically work better for those with square or oblong faces because they soften the features of our lower face by drawing more attention to the eyes.

Image: Vogue

Bangs truly have the ability to transform the face so if you’re looking for a more drastic change, ask your hair stylist for their opinion on what would look best for your face and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. They’re not for everyone. It might help to research the different ways hair stylists can feather, thicken, or lengthen bangs so you have a better idea of how they will lay naturally with your hair texture.  

Image: Refinery29

6. Abundant Accessories

Image: Byrdie

Beads, barrettes, and clips are going to be huge this spring and they are serving fashion just as much as function. Traditionally, the way to show personality with our hair involves huge commitment haircuts and dye jobs which can’t easily be switched out on a daily basis (or even weekly or monthly). Hair accessories are the way to express yourself this season, making it easy to color-coordinate your outfit, your nail polish, or your other accessories. Clips and chunky barrettes can be used to hold your chignon in its perfect place or bring the '90s and early 2000's back and adorn your various braids with colorful beads. 

Image: Refinery29


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