7 Eye-Popping 2022 Winter Makeup Trends

7 Eye-Popping 2022 Winter Makeup Trends

Whether you’re walking to the coffee shop and need a head-turning effect to boost the mood or grabbing drinks with rapid-tested friends, here are seven statement makeup trends that will be the rage all winter long.

Here we are, at the dawning of 2022, and still rocking the full-coverage face mask. Sure, you can throw a stylized mask over those N95's to express some personality; but one thing we still have to project our individualism is a gallant makeup style. With so few chances to go mask-free it’s more important than ever to take advantage of opportunities to make a statement with your makeup. Whether you’re walking to the coffee shop and need a head-turning effect to boost the mood or grabbing drinks with rapid-tested friends, here are seven statement makeup trends that will make sure you stand out all winter long.


Graphic Liner

With no place to go and no one to see, we’ve all embraced that natural look these past two years. That being said, 2022 is all about the daring makeup renaissance and it starts with the eyes. We’re stepping outside the box and going for more than just our standard thinly-winged liner art.

A graphic liner not only draws attention to the eyes (very mask friendly, we might add) but it’s also a go-to beautiful style if you don’t have time to play with eyeshadows and heavy mascaras. Express yourself with a double-wing or a brightly colored liner. Try winter shades like ice blue, teal, or crisp white for complimentary eye shadows as well. It’s called 'graphic' for a reason; make it a piece of art.

Image: FASHIONMagazine

Image: Teen Vogue


Grunge-inspired Eyes

Image: shesaid.com

Bold black liners and smoky eyes will always pack a punch. Think Avril Lavigne circa 2002. This versatile look can be exaggerated for an elegant event or simmered down for a day with no plans. Try pairing this style with a darker nail polish and you’ll be ready to live out all your Cara Delevingne aspirations.


Metallic Eyes

Image: The Today Show

Dig out those dancing shoes because this groovy disco trend is coming back, baby. Did anyone else watch Miley's New Year's Eve Party? Also can we talk about her co-host Pete Davidson? What can't that man do? But that's another conversation for another article...

Shades of gold, silver, and bronze look great on any skin tone and they are on our colour palettes this season. Elevate that smokey eye by adding a layer of sparkling shadow or liner. Even if you’re stuck isolating at home - adding one extra sparkly step to your “Get Ready With Me” routine can take a normal day and make it an exciting one. 

Side note: another trend we saw dominate the fall season, and thankfully continue full speed ahead into winter, is the heavy dabbing of colored shadow (and sparkly shadow) on the inner eye. This creates jaw-dropping contrast to any thick-winged liner you apply to the outer edges of your eye, and provides a stunning splash of color to your winter look. Take it one step further and try matching your eye makeup to your outfit. 

If inner-eye color isn't your desired look - try a bolder color of eyeliner and thicken the winged design so it's highly visible. 

Image: Pinterest


Sparkle Everywhere

Image: US Weekly

Speaking of extra, let’s talk about gemstones, rhinestones, and glitter. Did you catch Katy Perry's Instagram story serving us this Euphoria inspired crystal monochrome eye? Embellishments are making a big comeback in 2022 and we’re putting them everywhere. Stones and glitter are a great way to accentuate the eyes or lips in lieu of a traditional matte look. Incorporate a single stick-on stone on the outer edges of your eyes to compliment a graphic liner look or a glittery eye shadow.

This year is going to be all about the glamour and glitz - we can feel it. If bedazzling is a little too early 2000’s for you - go for a toned down makeup look with an elevated jewelry stack. Ear parties and layering are easy ways to incorporate shine and sparkle a little more subtly if louder makeup isn’t your game. 

Pictured: Verie, Halle Huggie

Visible Blush

Image: Elle

It’s not just the colder weather, sweetheart. Our cheek bones are finally taking center stage, and thanks to TikTok users and runway models alike, purple (yes, purple!) and bolder shades of blush are destined to be the 'look du jour'. Typically, we use a light blush to sculpt the cheekbones and add a little flush to our complexion; but this season we’re not stopping there. We’re bringing blush back to the forefront and thinking “why stop at the cheekbones?” We’re seeing blush travel to places never seen before: adding dimension to the eyes, the temples… The limit does not exist! Start by lightly dabbing the color within the inner eyelid and just underneath your eye. Match it to your cheekbones and voilà! We're all about the synchronized color this year. 

Image: Beauty Crew AU



Y2K Lip Gloss

Image: StyleCaster

Staying on trend with the 2000s throwbacks we’re bringing back the overdrawn lip and high gloss finish of the late 90s and early 2000s; but with a new and improved take. We’re all about a lip gloss with a soft shimmer to achieve the high gloss look without that sticky, hair-trapping mess we all remember about this style’s original release. The nostalgia is real and we’re here for it.

Pictured: Valeria's look for Art Basel 2021. Read all about her adventures here
What's awesome about lip gloss is that it's so versatile and you can use it to elevate so many different lip looks. We're calling what is pictured above a sort of 'matte glossy lip'. Try this by using your perfect shade of lip gloss (or even a lipstick that we use for multiple areas of the face - our favorite right now is this one), and applying a healthy coat on your lips. Top it off with a sweep of gloss for that shiny finish. 


Bold Lip

Make your lips the statement piece of your face this winter. Yes, we know, we cater a lot of our makeup looks so our efforts are noticeable whilst safely masked up. But that doesn't mean you can't rock a red lip when you're FaceTiming or having your own socially-distanced meet cute. We'll always champion the bold lip - it's a trend that ebbs and flows on the red carpet but it will always look glamorous and work for your style. If you have no time in the morning, you can always do a full lip on your way to that meeting because you just need to feel 'done up' today. Pair it with fully casual winter attire or ball gown. 


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