7 Must-Have Winter Boots That Don't Care About The Cold

7 Must-Have Winter Boots That Don't Care About The Cold

I think we have all struggled at some point in our lives to find winter footwear that is comfortable, has the capability to withstand harsher weather, and still looks great regardless. Here are seven must have 'winter' boots that are super functional and stylish.
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I think we have all struggled at some point in our lives to find winter footwear that is comfortable, has the capability to withstand harsher weather, and still looks great. Let’s face it, the majority of women’s fashionable footwear is better suited for warm weather and the predictable footing of a red carpet rather than the icy sidewalks we sometimes find ourselves on. Far too often we’ve had to make a choice between “Do I want to look great today?” and “Do I want to make sure I don’t wipe out picking up coffee?” So on that note, here are seven must have boots that are super functional and stylish - regardless of the forecast. 

 1. The Combat Boot

Pictured: Dior, D-Fight Ankle Boot

Combat boots can be a good investment shoe to splurge on or a great thrift store find because they easily stand the test of time. These boots are as much at home in '90s Vogue as they are in this month's issue. Not only do they bring a level of cool to any outfit, but they’re also seasonally versatile making them a great option for the shift in temperature during changing seasons. For winter, wear them with a heavy sock folded over above the tongue and they’re ready for skirts, pants, or jeans. Combat boots transcend all aesthetics - so they're a foolproof investment piece for your closet. 


2. Over the Knee Flat Boot

A stylish thigh high can dress up any outfit, whether it's during the day over jeans or adding a chic element to your date night attire. An over-the-knee boot is going to catch a lot of eyes on its own, so it’s the perfect footwear to pair with an otherwise typically demure and muted winter color scheme. Although we love the flat heel boot for practicality in colder weather, a nice heel can be a great option when conditions aren’t so treacherous.

Image credit: Teen Vogue


3. The Ankle Length Lace-up

A staple in any woman’s winter wardrobe should be a classic ankle length lace-up. This versatile footwear is as easy to put on as a running shoe, has traction like a hearty winter boot, and still contributes a higher fashion look to any outfit. In the winter months we’re so used to wearing a lot of blacks and muted colors, so this is a great chance to go for a white or colored boot. White is going to look great with any color scheme and packs a huge punch in the visual department.


4. The Classic Rain Boot

Image credit: Vogue

Wellies are a great option for when we’re hovering above the freezing point and the snow is starting to turn to a sloshy mess. Even if weather isn’t a factor - rubber boots and wellies are consistently a favorite footwear choice in the winter season. No one can deny they’re considerably cute and of course, super practical if weather isn’t on your side today. Although they aren’t the warmest footwear on the list because they’re meant to be loose fitting, it's easier to throw on a thick pair of socks or thigh-high wools underneath.


5. The Moon Boot

Image credit: CR Fashion Book

The true workhorse of winter footwear, Moon Boots are going to survive anything you throw at them. They’re great for when you’re running after kids in the snow, walking the dog, or trudging through the parking lot as you run to the gym. Moon Boots tick all the boxes when we’re looking for winter footwear: they’re durable, water resistant, and comfortable. 

Image credit: Evening Standard


6. The Thick-sole Mid-top Sneaker

Pictured: Michael Kors, Shea Leather and Suede High Top Sneaker


Although these may seem more like a summer season choice and warm weather shoe, the thick soles make these a much more weather resilient shoe than your typical summer sneaker. If you’re looking for a little elevation from the wet ground with the freedom of an everyday trainer, these are your must-haves. The slight platform allows these summer staples to function like a winter boot while affording you the fashion flexibility of a sneaker. We love a matching high white sock for added warmth and that classic sporty look for any daytime running around.


7. Sock Booties

Image credit: Sydne Style

This slip-on footwear is easy to incorporate with any pant style when you want the elegance of a heel, but still need to be comfortable moving around all day. We especially love sock booties because they are great at elongating your legs regardless of your body type; so they are a great option to wear with cropped pants as a complementary fashion piece. 

Pictured: Stuart Weitzman, Yuliana 60


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