7 Ways You're Wearing Jewelry All Wrong

7 Ways You're Wearing Jewelry All Wrong

If you're anything like us, you have a similar problem where you have more than one favorite jewelry piece, but are shaky on the prospect of styling those pieces together. With the rise of the perfectly curated ear party, the popularity of the body chain, and the concept of 'layering' - there is more than one stellar way of positioning your jewelry pieces to get the look you want.
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If you're anything like us, you have a similar problem where you have more than one favorite jewelry piece, but are daunted by the prospect of styling those pieces together. With the rise of the perfectly curated ear party, the popularity of the body chain, and the concept of 'layering' - there is more than one stellar way of positioning your jewelry pieces to get the look you want. If we can pinpoint what you're not doing when it comes to wearing your jewelry, we can find the style you've been looking for. We've done the research and here are our findings: seven ways you may be approaching your jewelry style all wrong - and how to do it right. 

1. You're wearing exclusively chunky layers 

Don't get us wrong, we love chunky jewelry. Chain necklaces to croissant rings, we simply can't get enough. But there's a delicate balance between weighing yourself down and really letting those thicker pieces take center stage without getting lost in the altogether look. 

We love layering two or three chunky necklaces together - but have you tried mixing thin and thick? One of our favorite ways to wear a chunky necklace is by flanking it with a thin one, for instance, your favorite chain. This will let the chunky piece stand out while still adding that layering element we've been talking about. Plus, it lets you wear more of your beautiful pieces at once while not letting any of them fade into the background. 

Chunky chain pieces are in and although they're brilliant flying solo, you can add that extra layer with a simple chain of the same material. Cinch it higher on the neck so that layered look is obvious like in the picture above. 

2. You're not mixing materials

We feel like the instinct is to layer jewelry in only gold or silver, and further still, only layering similar pieces like chains. Although that will always look chic, if you want some diversity, start mixing the stones and material types of your jewelry. 

Pictured above: @julialouise31


For example, try pairing pearls with colorful beads and a curb, mirror, or paperclip chain choker like in the picture above. Why oh why did we ever leave the bright beads in the Kindergarten room? Next, add in a statement piece as the lowest layer. If you really want to step up your game, color-coordinate the beaded piece with your top layer of clothing. 

If you have your chunky chain link necklace and a pearl necklace, wear the pearl piece cinched tighter for a choker style. Like what's pictured above, clasp the chain link on the chunky piece so there is a dangling section. 

Pictured above: Verie, Lila Stud and Lucia Necklace

The best thing about mixing materials is that this style extends far beyond your necklaces. Stack your ear party to include pearls and studs while your neck boasts chains and charms. Better yet, pair a pearl and gold ear party with a pearl and gold chain necklace, and you get extra points for impressive coordination.  

3. You're only layering two at a time

Good things comes in 'threes' - especially if you're doning a lower neckline. Three necklaces gives you so much more freedom in terms of the materials, styles, and lengths you can play with. In the above picture, Valeria is wearing three pendant pieces of varying sizes, and the heart and star pendents are sitting at an equal layered length so they compliment each other. 

4. You're not taking advantage of chokers

One investment choker piece can come in handy for creating multiple layered looks. Find a choker that gives you the look you want - that may be a thick chain or a thin chain link, or it may have dangling stones like what's pictured above. 

Pictured above: Verie, Arya Choker, Sutton Stud, Lou Cuff


Another way to wear a choker is solo. A dainty chain, a thicker gold choker, a pearl choker, or one with interlinking pendants will look beautiful alone or layered. It's a solid investment choice if you're seeking to slay multiple looks but not drop coin on multiple purchases. 

5. You're not hitting the repeat button

Pictured above: Verie, Winnie Necklace

When you know a jewelry piece works on you, why stop at one? A style we don't see often (which is honestly a tragedy), is doubling or tripling up of the same piece in a single outfit. Pearls and solid vermeil necklaces work perfectly for building this look.

Pictured above: Verie, Lucia Necklace, Large Hoops, In Between Hoops
Pictured above: Verie, Remy Necklace


6. You're not using 'layering' on your hands

Technically, this is referred to as 'stacking'; but just like layering, it's great to position certain pieces the right way to let each beautiful piece shine. Here are our top ring stacking techniques:

Image credit: localelectric.com

Just like our approach to necklaces - we love bringing three unique pieces together. In the picture above, we have a statement diamond, an accent band placed above it, and a stunning 'broken link' take on what would normally be your standard stone band. When worn together, from afar this stack has the illusion of a diamond shape in the middle created by wearing each ring stacked on top of each other. 

Image credit: newchic.com

Don't get us wrong, we love a 'boho' metal collection, but in our opinion, these stacks can be overdone. What's pictured above are separate statement pieces and bands that can work beautifully together, but won't get their full recognition when worn altogether like in the picture. Try the method from the paragraph above and stack a thinner band with a thicker statement piece, or wear multiple statement pieces on separate fingers. 

Image credit: Etsy.com

You didn't think we'd neglect the chunky rings, did you? Our love for chunky jewelry extends well beyond the neckline! Gold croissant rings, signet rings, the whole gang. If you love the look of multiple chunky rings together, try switching it up by mixing materials (like gold and silver like what's pictured above) so there's some separation between the jewelry on one hand. We don't want any of your pieces to get lost in the overall visual of the look. 

When stacking these pieces together, be careful not to go overboard. If your preferred look is heavy on the rings, balance out the chunky rings with the thinner bands on each hand when you're stacking. 


Image credit: Melaniecasey.com

Another essential hand look is created by stacking multiple bands. Who says you need a statement piece? No big diamond to be seen? Not a problem. Where are my single ladies at? Our inspiration is the picture above, where each band is slightly thicker than the one that came before it, and the stones aren't arranged exactly the same. Worn together, this stack is absolutely thrilling; worn separate, each band can shine. You don't need big expensive stones to stack correctly! 

Pictured above: Verie, Corinne Diamond Hand Chain

We'll talk about body chains in a minute, but so many people forget that your entire hand can wear a ring, not just your fingers. Hand chains are blowing up everywhere, and the delicate nature of them is our favorite part. Like the Corinne Diamond Hand Chain pictured above, there's a small stone incorporated for that added accent, but the gold chain itself is what truly shines. You can stack it with statement pieces or simply use solid material bands and you've created a beautiful layered look. 

7. You're not looking past your neck

Layering and stacking is not just about your necklace game - you have to envision the complete look. From wrists to chest to ear, you can create beautiful layers by mixing and matching materials that tie everything together. 


Pictured above: Verie, Lila Stud, Medium Hoops, and Rowen Necklace

If you're wearing a top with either a high neck or a lower neck line - body chains are our go-to. Even if you can't see the entire piece like in Valeria's picture below, it's still incredibly flattering and you can pair this piece with longer chains or chokers. We hear a lot of people say "body chains are for summer" because yes, they look killer with a swimsuit or summer dress, but that's the wrong mental approach to this style. Body chains on low-cut blouses will add that extended layered look and leave room for multiple jewelry layers closer to your neck. Throw a blazer on top and you have an instantly elevated office fit.  

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Nice tips! Love it💕

Nice tips! Love it💕

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