8 Hacks To Instantly Look More Attractive

8 Hacks To Instantly Look More Attractive

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to spend hours In front of the mirror doing your hair and makeup to look and feel your best. We’ve compiled a list of super easy hacks that will instantly make you more attractive, and some of them have nothing to do with the way you look.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to spend hours In front of the mirror doing your hair and makeup to look and feel your best. Sure, sometimes you feel most beautiful when you successfully create smoky eyes that are actual twins and not just sisters, or you construct the perfect contoured cheeks. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could put in minimal effort and still come out feeling like you’ll turn heads? We’ve compiled a list of super easy hacks that will instantly make you more attractive, and some of them have nothing to do with the way you look.



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Not everyone has time to do a full face of makeup everyday, and not everybody wants to. More power to you! We’ve all embraced the minimal makeup aesthetic, but a great lipstick is a quick and easy way to make your face pop, while still honoring the minimalist appeal when you go with a more natural tone. Try to even out the color with your finger to give it a more natural, skin-like texture rather than a thick, caked-on appearance. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, dab a few dots of a brighter lipstick into the center of both your top and bottom lips and rub it in to give yourself a simple but effective 'pouty look'. 


Tame Your Hair

We’re all about that natural, flowy-hair look but if you’re nearing the end of your wash cycle and your hair is looking like it, girl, give the dry shampoo a rest and throw your hair up in a quick bun! No one feels sexy with dry hair that hangs lifelessly in desperate need of a deep shampoo and conditioner.

The 30-second, sleek low bun is Valeria’s favorite way to achieve a put together look, even when she’s freshly shampooed. Whether you feel sexiest with your classic off-to-the-side braid or quick and easy mermaid waves, spending a few minutes taming your mane is one of the most effective ways to elevate your look.



Wear A Scent

Having a signature scent that’s not overbearing, but just enough to draw attention, is a great way to instantly look and feel more attractive. There are so many scents out there so find something that represents your personality and who you are and make it your trademark scent. If you have sensitive skin that gets irritated by traditional perfumes, try using a perfume oil. The scented oils don’t contain alcohol so they won’t dry out your skin and the fragrance also sticks around much longer than traditional perfumes. There’s a fine line between a pleasant, subtle aroma and smelling like you bathed in pure vanilla and musk, so in this case a less-is-more approach is the safest route.


Maintain Your Nails

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Getting a mani/pedi can be a relaxing weekend event, or maybe even a girls’ day activity, but you don’t need to spend hours or money at the salon to maintain your nails. I don't know about you, but a fresh nail polish is one of the very first things I notice. It gives off a “put together” appearance that you just can’t deny. If you can't be bothered to maintain a nail color, then just go for a nude nail or a simple top coat. Matching your nails to your outfit or makeup is a simple way to really pull a look together and make yourself instantly more attractive.

Positive Energy

This tip requires zero time in front of the mirror but arguably has the most dramatic effect on the way other people perceive you. Having a positive demeanor and a smile on your face works two-fold. No, we’re not saying you shouldn’t give the first person who tells you to “smile more” your strongest and fiercest RBF as a response because obviously, you’ll smile on your own terms! But smile for yourself because even when forced, it produces “feel good” hormones in our brains (dopamine, serotonin and endorphins) which actually make us feel happier and more positive. Plus, when we emit positive energy into the world, it rubs off on people. They start feeding off our energy and feel lighter and more positive themselves. People may forget your name, or the stories you told, but they will never forget the way you make them feel; and when we make people feel good, they tend to see us through rose tinted glasses.

Put Your Phone Down

There isn’t much that can make you look less approachable than being on your phone. Maybe that’s the vibe you’re going for and honestly, we support that strategy when that creepy guy at the bar won’t stop staring. One of the most incredible compliments someone can give you is that you made them feel like they were the most important person in the room. So ask questions, be engaged, and learn when to put your phone down to have an actual human-to-human interaction.


Quiet Confidence

Photo by Julia Spicer, from article "Behind-the-Scenes At New York Fashion Week"

Life Coaches everywhere have made a career out of telling us to “be confident”, but it’s easier said than done. Confidence is a journey that takes time. It’s about learning and nurturing our relationship with ourselves, and that doesn’t happen overnight. What you can do instantly is exhibit quiet confidence. Even when you don’t feel super confident, be tactful when deciding when to speak and what to say. Listening more than you speak is a great trick to show confidence. We all know the insecure and awkward energy we feel when interacting with someone who constantly feels like they need to fill the silence with the sound of their own voice. Cool, quiet confidence is a super attractive quality and all that listening will likely help you learn a thing or two along the way.

Good Posture

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We know you grew up hearing “sit up straight” every day from your mother, but she was right! Being slouched over not only gives off an angsty “I don’t care” vibe, but it also isn’t a flattering look (and it probably wrecks your back). Strengthening your back and pulling your shoulders back, known as The Superwoman pose, not only elongates us and looks great, but studies have shown it actually makes us feel more confident and less stressed (Rolley, 2020). Positive body language is a powerful form of communication that can turn someone off before you even get the chance to say hello. You don’t need to walk around with a stack of books on your head, but putting in a conscious effort to improve your posture will go a long way in improving how other people perceive you. 

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