30 VALLoween Costumes to Haunt Your Dreams

30 VALLoween Costumes to Haunt Your Dreams

Finally, it's that time of year again. We're creeping closer to Halloween and if you haven't decided on your costume yet and are starting to panic - worry no more. Sit back, turn on Halloweentown, and let us do the work for you. Here are 30 topical and classic costume ideas to guarantee you slay this spooky season. 


1. Holly Golightly 

We thought we’d kick things off with this icon from Breakfast At Tiffany’s. We (and the rest of the world) recognized Audrey Hepburn in this film and this little black dress as one of the most iconic fashion moments in cinematic history so naturally we had to re-create it for this year’s costume compilation.

Dress, Tiara & Pearls - Miami Twice
Verie Audrey Sunnies - Verie 

2. Elle & Bruiser Woods 

What, like it’s hard? Besides being a bad ass law student who proved everyone wrong, Elle Woods has a killer wardrobe both in her pink-plastered sorority outfits and Harvard Law brownstone-inspired suits. We took the pink leather route this time around. 

Wig - Miami Twice 
Pink Sunnies - Amazon
Cut-out Blazer Dress - ZARA
Bag - Fendi 
Shoes - Bottega Veneta
Bruiser - Webkinz 

3. Mia Wallace

Arguably one of the most iconic female film characters of all time, (are you noticing a pattern in our choice of Halloween costumes yet?), Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction is an easy costume to put together. All you need is a short wig - or pin your hair underneath to form a recognizable bob - a button up, and pants. Add a cigarette between your fingers for one last added detail. 

Wig - Etsy
White button-up shirt: Agne Gilyte
Pants - Miami Twice
Shoes - Mango

4. Harry Styles

Like Elton John before him, Harry totally rocks the 1970s style and what we wouldn’t give for a VIP ticket to his Love on Tour. Take everyone back to the “Golden” days of summer with flared pants, blazer, and the biggest glasses you can find. 

Glasses - Miami Twice
Suit (something similar) - Dynamite
Suit (something similar) - ZARA
Ankle Pant (something similar) - ZARA
Shirt - Trois

5. Daphne Bridgerton 

Who else binge-watched the steamy Regency-era drama Christmas Day 2020? We couldn’t not dress up as the new Duchess of Hastings - spoilers, but if you haven’t watched it yet, you probably weren’t planning on it at this point. 

Dress - Milla Dresses
Shoes - Bottega Veneta
Gloves - Amazon

6. 70s Babe 

I feel like this is an easy segway from My. Harry Styles, don’t you? As we know, some 70s trends have come back, and we’re digging it. So if you're stretched for time you can likely find a classic era outfit over at your nearest ZARA or Urban Outfitters. 

Beret - Thrifted
Dress - Realisation 
Sunglasses - Amazon
Boots - ZARA 

7. Anna Wintour

The queen herself, Editor-in-Chief for Vogue since ‘88, I think we can all agree there is no other in the world of fashion influence like Anna Wintour. That being said, her sleek short bob and black sunnies are the epitome of iconic. We enlisted the Grace to complete this look.

Grace Sunnies - Verie
Winnie Necklace - Verie
Romper - Sandro Paris

8. Aerobic Barbie 

Yes, the classic 80s-inspired aerobics instructor. Put a spin on it this year and add that bleach blonde wig for the "Barbie" spin on this age-old costume. 

Wig, Costume, Tights - Miami Twice
Shoes - Joe Fresh

9. Betty Boop 

Haven't had many places to wear that red lipstick? Find a short red dress, a black wig, gold hoops, and you're ready for Hollywood. 

Wig - Amazon
Dress - The OutNet
Hand Chain - Verie

10. Bride of Chucky 

Have a leather jacket in your autumn wardrobe? Think dressing up as a bride will be a little too intense of a hint for your longtime partner? Here's a spooky spin white still getting your message across. 


Wig - Shawn Hair Shop, Etsy
Jacket - Thrifted
Corset - Amazon
Skirt - Amazon
Tights - Amazon
Shoes - Revolve

11. Britney Spears Ringleader 

Another legendary woman inspired look - we took this page right out of Britney Spears' Circus album era for this super sexy and unique Ringleader costume.  

Wig - Amazon
Hat - Amazon
Cane - Amazon
Tights - Miami Twice 

12. Flapper Girl 

An oldie but a goldie, the flapper girl has us reminiscing of all our missed Great Gatsby themed 2020 New Years parties that never were. 

Wig - Amazon
Headpiece, Dress, Boa - Miami Twice 

13. Lydia Deetz, Beetlejuice

Another spin on the bride costume, Lydia Deetz serves hot red with a dark, humorous, and dramatic personality. 

Wig - Wildcat Wigs, Etsy
Veil - Amazon
Dress (something similar) - Amazon
Shoes - Revolve

14. Devil

We had to - it's Halloween. This one's super easy if you find yourself with a last minute invite October 31st with nothing to wear. Find some heels, find horns at your nearest Spirit Halloween store, and pillage your closet for as much red as you can muster. Done and done. 

Horns - Amazon
Taylor Sunnies - Verie
Suit - ZARA

15. Gossip Girl

Are you a Serena or a Blair? You can switch up the wig depending on your take or grab two outfits and do an easy matching costume with your best friend. 

Wig - Miami Twice
Shirt - Ange Gilyte
Skirt (something similar) - Aritzia 
Socks - Amazon
Shoes - Mango
Bag - Telfar

16. Indiana Jones 

We can hear the theme music every time we talk about this. Put those chocolate tall boots and matching leather jacket to use and go on an adventure!

Hat - Lack of Color
Jacket - Miami Twice
Shirt - Agne Gilyte
Pants - Paige

17. Jackie Kennedy 

Jackie Kennedy always embodied grace and beauty which is why she's remembered as a true American style icon. Find a 1960s-looking suit and hat, throw on some heels, and smile and wave. 

Hat - Miami Twice
Suit - Sister Jane

18. Jessica Rabbit 

Want to be a sex symbol this Halloween but not the run-of-the-mill kind? Try a cartoon version this year as Jessica Rabbit. 

Wig - Amazon
Dress & Gloves - Amazon

19. Emo Myspace Chick

Our guess is that you can salvage 90% of this costume at your mom's house if she's kept your high school wardrobe. You could also run down to a thrift shop and search for a black band tee. All that's left to find is a black wig and a clip-in septum ring and voila! 


Wig - Etsy
Shirt - Amazon
Pants - Amazon
Shoes - Revolve

20. Beth Harmon 

The Queen's Gambit swept the Emmys and that's no surprise so be relevant in a red wig this year. Throw on a dressed down 60s outfit and find a mini chess set at Walmart. Like Beth Harmon, you'll be the talk of the evening. 

Wig - Amazon
Shirt - Thrifted
Pants, Vintage Dolce & Gabana - Miami Twice 
Shoes - Mango

21. Sandy Olsson

Did anyone even know Sandy's last name was Olsson? We feel like she's just so iconic as "Sandy" from Grease that she's a one name fame like Adele or Beyonce.  Again, that leather jacket coming in clutch. Curl your hair, find some heels, and enlist the tightest leather pants in existence. 


Wig: Sunny Wigs, Etsy
Shirt - Miami Twice
Pants - Amazon
Heels - Amazon
Jacket - Thrifted 

22. Tacky Tourist 

Some big "dad on vacation" energy with this one. Speaking of, if you have a dad who totally still has his fanny pack from the 80s and a safari hat (or a baseball or bucket hat would work), borrow it and complete this look with a tropical beach button-up and sandals. 

Hat (same style but different color) - Jacquemus 
Glasses - Amazon
Shirt - Miami Twice
Shorts - Shona Joy
Socks (something similar) - New Balance 
Shoes (something similar) - Chanel

23. Bride to Be 

Another iteration of the bride is the wacky, and frankly quite scary, Bride to Be. It's your bachelorette honey and you're decked out in the tackiest details you can find.

Viel - Amazon
Dress - Violet Louise
Sash - Amazon
Clutch - Miami Twice

24. Miss America

Do you still have your prom dress lying around? You can finally justify not getting around to selling it! Pageant Queen vibes here we come. 


Crown - Amazon
Dress - Thrifted
Sash - Made from Michaels 

25. Penny Lane

Another way to use that thrifted band tee! Channeling Kate Hudson in rounded glasses; we'll be stealing the aux chord to play the Almost Famous soundtrack all night, thank you very much! 

Wig - Sunny Wigs, Etsy
Sunnies - Miami Twice
Fur (vintage) - Miami Twice
Jeans - ZARA
Shirt - Amazon

26. Daria Morgendorffer⁠

Want to really work that RBF? We love brainiac Daria and the fact she couldn't care less about the cool girls in the room. 

Glasses - Amazon
Blazer - ZARA
Shirt - Thrifted
Boots - Revolve

27. Edna Mode

Time to pull yourself together! Black tights, black suit, and a no nonsense attitude will transform you into the incredible Edna this Halloween. 

Wig - Etsy
Glasses - Amazon
Blazer (something similar) - Smythe
Scarf - Miami Twice
Skirt (something similar) - Aritzia
Tights - Chanel
Shoes - Mango

28. Maleficent 

Devil horns not quite enough for you? Find a black dress and cape and you're Angelina Jolie. 

Horns -
Cape - Amazon
Dress - Zino
Shoes - Revolve

29. Mrs. Mazel

How marvellous! This 1950s housewife is so much more than just a stylish housewife.


Hat, Dress, & Case - Miami Twice

30. The Heathers 

Time for some dark teen comedy. Still have a plaid skirt from high school uniform days? Grab a magazine as a prop and a suit jacket with shoulder pads and you've just stepped out of Westerburg High School. 

Winne Necklace - Verie
Blazer - ZARA
Shirt - Agne Gilyte
Skirt - Thrifted
Socks - Amazon
Shoes - Mango 

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