Best in Glass: Your 2023 Sunglass Guide

Best in Glass: Your 2023 Sunglass Guide

From timeless classics to brand-new trends, and all the osculating (and polarizing) styles in between- your guide to this year’s Sunny forecast.
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There’s no question that a summer outfit is incomplete without the perfect pair of sunglasses, but stylish sunnies are a key accessory beyond just the summer months. Not only do they protect your eyes from sunny glare (or snow blindness- which does not get the respect it deserves!), they also have an uncanny ability to pull an outfit together in a way that so few accessory items can. So whether you're looking for the perfect all-season fashion side-kick, or just want to get ahead of the curve on your summer style, here are the 8 biggest trends in sunglasses for 2023. 

1. Oversized Retros

(Image: Tom Wargacki)

Oversized sunglasses are the perfect way to create an edgy and eye-catching look that will turn heads wherever you go. The large frames provide optimal coverage, whether you’re protecting your eyes and face from harmful UV rays, or just looking for a little more… anonymity while you’re out and about. But don’t get it twisted, there’s nothing inconspicuous about this head-turning silhouette. 

2. Candy-Tinted Lenses

This effortlessly cool style is the perfect way to instantly add a touch of fun to any outfit. With understated hues, they can be easily paired with a pair of jeans and a basic team, while the bolder colors are the perfect accent piece for a statement jumpsuit or a glamorous maxi dress.

3. Cat Eye Frames

(Image: Felicia Akerstrom)

The cat-eye silhouette is certainly not a new trend, but it does continue to be popular for 2023. Cat-eye sunglasses are characterized by their iconic upswept and curved frames, and look great on a variety of face shapes. The strong silhouette has the ability to overpower a look, so be prepared for them to be the statement piece of your outfit, or pair them with equally bold accompanying pieces. 

4. Tortoise Shell

(Product: Leia Wide Frame)

The tortoise shell style first gained popularity in the 1950s thanks to Hollywood celebrities and socialites, and have thus been long associated with classic style and sophistication. The iconic color scheme is great for creating contrast between hair color and skin tone. It’s no surprise that tortoise shell has transcended basically every style frame, so this is one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your own personal style- regardless of your preferred silhouette. 

5. Bold Geometrics

(Product: Leia Old Hollywood)

If you’re looking for a hot new trend to try in 2023, then geometric sunglasses might be for you. These frames can come in various shapes such as squares, hexagons or ovals and will add some interesting detail to any outfit. The silhouettes are typically quite loud, so if you’re just looking to dip your toes into the trend, black or brown frames offer a subtle way to test the waters.

6. The Eternal Aviator

Aviator frames are arguably the most recognizable sunglasses style with a rich history to its name- if you haven’t read History of the Aviators” you should check it out. This style is characterized by its teardrop-shaped lenses, which were specifically designed to offer ample glare protection, with the bonus attribute of being unquestionably fashionable. With almost every major brand on the market offering their own rendition on aviators, it’s easy to find a style or color-scheme to fit your personal aesthetic. 

7. Pops of Color



Loud pops of color are an easy way to draw the eye’s attention, and this year there will be no shortage of bold and vibrant hues to choose from. Color coordinate your outfit to pull a look together or go for bold and daring all on its own.  While color is important, remember that shape is also important, so look for something the perfect color-shape combination to really highlight your personal aesthetic. 

8. Flat Frames

(Image: Splash News)

Flat frame styles have definitely been around the block amongst influencer and socialite crowds, and they certainly take a certain je ne sais quoi to pull-off, but with increasing popularity, more and more brands are trying out the zero-curve approach. You can now get flat frames styles in oval lenses, cat-eye frames, and pretty much everything in between. 


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