Every Euphoria Makeup Look To Recreate This Spring

Every Euphoria Makeup Look To Recreate This Spring

The truly intense drama of HBO's Euphoria doesn't overshadow the show's incredible makeup that is now recognized universally. And we can see a lot of these looks recreated for the perfect dramatic look any day of the week - here's how to do it. 
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If you live under a rock, Euphoria is one of HBO’s hottest teen drama series that just wrapped season 2 at the end of February. It portrays an underlying dark side of an unknown Suburbia, USA, where a group of teenagers go through some of the typical teenage dramas and angst - and many not-so typical experiences, at least not that I was aware of at my high school. But maybe I was the one living under a rock!

Either way, what these teens do reflect is a common young-adult anguish and intensity for love, relationships, and drama that only teenagers can truly experience. On top of outrageous fashion choices that have led to a number of hilarious “I forgot I went to Euphoria High” TikTok dressing trends, almost every young woman in the show exhibits dramatic makeup styles that we’re living for. 


 Maddy’s Signature Sharp Black Liner 


In the show, the characters’ makeup styles reflect the intensity of teenage life, heightened to an outrageous degree at Euphoria High. These looks were inspired, in large part, by head of makeup for the show, Donniella Davy, who shares some of her tips to re-creating these intense looks. 

Let's start with arguably the Makeup Queen of Euphoria High. Maddy never fails to deliver when it comes to flawless eye makeup. Always razor sharp, her liner varies in exaggeration depending on her state of mind at the time. But it’s her base-line black liner that is the staple and our number one look which can be copied for the real world (one of the few looks on this list, or the show, that wouldn’t call for a bit of paring down). Regardless of the occasion, a crisp black wing is going to look classy and elegant, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some flare to the table every now and again. Though just a subtle alteration, Maddy’s double wing designs add just enough embellishment to show some personality while staying true to the timeless liner look. 



Cassie’s Bedazzled Ice Skater Blue Shadow



Cassie, like many of us did, spends her high school years really trying to figure out who she is. Her makeup changes pretty drastically from one episode to the next, often borrowing styles from her friends and allowing her current state of mind influence her choices - probably more than any other character. After going through a particularly traumatic event (no spoilers here), Cassie adorns this fantasy, ice skater makeup that’s made for the bright lights of center stage, and perfectly matches her peacock-inspired outfit’s beautiful shades of blues and greens and everything in between - stick on rhinestones and all.

Matching eye-makeup to your outfit can be as understated as a light dusting of eyeshadow, or a deep dive into full stage make-up like Cassie, but it is always going to tie a look together in perfect harmony.


Jules’ Color Spectrum Upturned Wing



If Maddy is the undisputed Makeup Queen of high school, then Jules is the most adventurous artist when it comes to the facial palate. In constant exploration of the spectrum of masculinity and femininity, Jules experiments with non-traditional color combinations and unique shapes to express herself through her eye makeup. This color spectrum for eye shadow is only the tip of the iceberg. The fit-for-spring (or a rave) neon spectrum shadow with an upturned wing (pictured above) is definitely eye-catching, but I love the potential of this three-color vibe.

I’m thinking recreating this look with a subtle ombre or complementary tones would be a fantastic addition to any formal event. Whether you want your eye makeup to stand out on its own, or complement your look as a whole, color selection can turn this Jules classic into an any day-of-the-week selection.


Lexi’s Purple Ombre

Lexi is the effortlessly cool, down-to-earth theater girl of Euphoria High who doesn’t seem to find herself falling victim to the woes and dramatics that seem to run rampant in this unknown town. For that reason, we don’t often see Lexi emblazoned with loud makeup choices. But that doesn’t mean we don’t see some flawless looks from Lexi, and this purple ombre is a prime example of something we’re dying to recreate.

This classic smokey eye, in a deep galaxy purple, is out-of-this-world stunning and totally appropriate outside the halls of her high school. If you’re wondering how to get such impeccably sharp lines, Davy uses scotch tape to map out the lines for this classic shape which ensures no drawing outside the lines, and it truly makes for an extremely satisfying reveal when you’re ready to remove the tape stencil.


Anna’s F-U to Gender Norms



Although Anna isn’t a character with a ton of screen time, she makes the most of every opportunity with sensational makeup looks like this geometric, under eye wing while she and Jules discuss the social constructs that are gender and femininity and masculinity. Like most of the looks on the list, you may not see yourself leaving the house with this full, punk rocker ensemble, but there are a lot of aspects to this look that could be recreated as standalone pieces; the chunky bottom lash, the bedazzled brow, or the metallic shadows to name a few. But the sharp under eye shadow extending all the way back to her temples is the real showstopper here. The harsh, straight lines carve out the structure of her face in an extremely flattering way and could double as a subtle blush when constructed in a more neutral tone to really draw focus to the cheekbones.


Maddy’s Graphic Liner



Maddy certainly knows how to make a memorable first impression, and that’s exactly what she did with this graphic liner constructed specifically for the first day of school, and honestly, we should all be so bold. Usually, a standard black liner just doesn’t make the cut at this high school, and we respect the change up. Maddy goes for a bright strawberry liner all around the eye and extends it outward in her signature sharp wing, matching it with a contrasting yet complementary purple shadow. While it’s certainly a bold look that you could replicate on its own, the design, in general, is one of my favorites from the show and would look just as effective with a variety of color combinations.


Kat’s Classic Color Block



Undoubtedly one of the fan favorites, Kat’s journey to body confidence, sex positivity, and overall badassery is relatable and endearing to witness, and her makeup choices have been keeping up every step of the way. While her iconic color is green, we would be remiss not to choose this powder blue color block that can be replicated in whatever color you’re feeling that day. According to Davy, this color blocking technique is great for those of us with hooded eyes when you apply the color through the creases of the lid. This can be done with a traditional shape or ending beyond the eye to create a color block wing. You’re guaranteed to end up with a bold look that’s perfect for any occasion.



Jules’ Signature Hint of Yellow



If each character in Euphoria has a signature look, we’ve definitely become accustomed to seeing Jules wearing some amount of yellow, and we understand why (she knows what looks good on her). Unquestionably one of her more understated looks, this subtle inner eye dab and double-pointed wing is one of my favorite Jules looks and one we're already seeing making big waves in makeup trends this season. Easily adaptable for any skin tone or pigment, this design is one we’re eager to try out for ourselves and put our own personal spin on it.


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