How To Clean Your Jewelry For That Brand New Look

How To Clean Your Jewelry For That Brand New Look

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The first step to protecting your jewelry is investing in high quality pieces made of premium materials. The materials dictate the life cycle of your jewelry, and what your jewelry is made of can be the difference between something lasting a season vs. a lifetime. But even the best jewelry needs some tender loving care, here’s a guide to maintain all your precious golden things. 

14k gold is our standard at Verie, and for gold reason, (see what we did there). When you invest in solid gold pieces you are buying something that doesn’t have an expiration date. Solid gold jewelry doesn’t need to come off when you shower, sleep, and live your life. It’s made to be worn everyday and is a low maintenance accessory. The other benefit to solid gold jewelry is that gold maintains value, so even if you fall out of love with a piece, there is financial value in the material itself. Think of it as an investment that you get to wear. 


For 14k Gold…

Soak your pieces in an all natural fragrance free soap (we like this one)

After soaking for 5-10 minutes remove the jewelry.

Using a soft bristle toothbrush scrub any areas where there are stones to remove any debris that has settled to restore radiance.

Give your pieces a rinse. (we recommend doing this in a small dish and not in your sink to avoid the risk of losing your pieces down the drain).

Polish with a jewelry care cloth or microfibre cloth. 

The benefit of gold vermeil is you get the look you want without the higher price tag. Vermeil is great for heavier pieces or bolder styles like our Lucia Herringbone Chain, that require a high gold weight if made in solid gold. Vermeil out performs gold plating but can’t compare to solid 14k gold. The way we see it is this: if you are in love with a piece and want to wear it everyday without taking it off, go for the solid gold. If you are looking at a trendier piece, are great at protecting your things, or want to get the look without the higher price, vermeil is ideal. If maintained properly, vermeil pieces can last way longer than a trend typically stays in style, keyword being if. 

To have your vermeil looking like solid gold do this:

Do not spray perfume or use lotions on your jewelry.

Avoid showering or getting vermeil jewelry wet.

To clean, use a soft jewelry care cloth or microfibre cloth. 


Regardless of the materials, storing your jewelry is also important. Each piece should be stored separately to avoid scratching. Laying jewelry flat is ideal both for protecting your pieces and making it easy to style and layer on your gold everyday. Try these trays which can grow as your collection grows.

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