4 Personality Types And How They Dress For The Holidays

4 Personality Types And How They Dress For The Holidays

Whether you're hunkering down to binge the Emily in Paris Season 2, trying out a new up-do for that glittery-themed New Year's party, or just trying to make it to 2022 with one of 2021's resolutions complete - we are all united by the fact that this season brings out our holiday personalities. So this holiday season, which personality are you? 
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Picture this: the snow is gently drifting while a fire softy crackles, the eggnog martinis are pouring, and Michael Bublé has emerged from his cave as is the annual pop-culture holiday tradition. Whether you're hunkering down to binge-watch Emily in Paris Season 2, trying out a new up-do for that glittery-themed New Year's party, or just trying to make it to 2022 with one of 2021's resolutions complete - we are all united by the fact that this season brings out our holiday personalities. The only question that remains is: which one are you?


The Hibernator 

If you're The Hibernator, you own at least five cardigans with at least two of them comfortably classified as "chunky" knits. When the clock strikes 5pm on the last day of work before the holidays, you're instantly in grandmother's crocheted socks, you're making peppermint hot cocoa, and you're silencing your phone because this is your time. Good luck trying to get hold of me, [insert boss's name here]! Because I'll be watching The Holiday to gaze upon Jude Law's jaw line as I Zillow stone cottages in Sussex. As The Hibernator, you'll happily stay cozy warm within your leisurely aesthetic. We're calling it 'lounge-wear' and we're here for it all end-of-year-long. If this sounds like you, here's your aesthetic:

Pictured above: Peyton Long Sleeve & Noah Pant. Also if you're in the market for holiday reading, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini is a perfect choice! 

Pictured: Paige, Ashe Cardigan in Fig

 Pictured: Aerie, Plaid Scarf

Pictured: Our favorite Hot Cocoa recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart. 

Pictured: UGG, Tasman Slipper

UGG's - you were either fully on the bandwagon a decade ago or didn't go within ten feet of them, but there is no doubt, they're winning the hearts of many once again. We're seeing everyone rocking the ankle boot cut or staying casually stylish on colder winter nights. 

Pictured: Joe Fresh, Teddy Fleece Earmuffs

The Champagne-popper

It's been a tough year, and even if you have been really good, sometimes you just have to let loose and order up some mulled wine. If you're a Champagne-popper, you've got a packed agenda this holiday season. Work dinners, hot dates, holiday movie watch-parties, New Year's Eve (socially-distanced, fully rapid-tested) champagne countdowns - you're attending it all. Perhaps it isn't even that naughty to party hard after alone a really tough year, so go ahead; you deserve this. If you've got a couple (safe) events to hit, here is what you're wearing:

Does anyone else get giddy at the prospect of putting together holiday outfits? For us, it's all glitter, leather, sparkles, and cozy materials. If you want quick hairstyle ideas for these events, we have hacks for when you're already late to the party. For jewelry, you can't go wrong with a decorative ear party - the bigger the sparkle, the better.

Pictured: Verie, Lucia Necklace, Lou Cuff

Especially for New Year's parties, we love a silky dress to match a sparkly jewelry stack. A sleek low bun will look classy regardless if the party is an isolation party of close roommates or a safely distanced dance party. 

Pictured: Stuart Weitzman, Promise 85 Pump

Pictured: Verie, Leia Stud

You've definitely got brunch dates on the itinerary - and these winter months call for chunky turtlenecks and layered looks. Try pulling your hair back into a low and loose ponytail and tuck it into your turtleneck or collar. You've got an instant fake 'low-bob' or 'lob', as the kids say. 

The Resolution-setter

If you're the Resolution-setter, you're efficient, organized, and a go-getter. Possibly the envy of your entire friend group, you actually knock pesky items off your to-do list long before they're due. However eager you are to get things done, we've never met one person who has completed or even whole-heartedly attempted to stick to their New Year's resolutions. January 2022 means we can get back to our goals - whether it be health and well-being; resetting to focus on what brings us happiness; or, to be the girl-boss we know we can be. If this is you, here's your outfit and accessories:

Pictured: Verie, Rey Bra & Nova Short in Cherry

You're the type who dresses up but knows you have stuff to do - comfort is key when you're ambitiously hitting the gym and all your errands in one afternoon. 

Pictured: Verie, Finn Legging & Rey Bra in Cherry

Pictured: Barnes & Noble, Wildflowers Medium Spiral Notebook

You probably already have multiple notebooks you write lists in (and check them twice). This is just what you do: notebooks, sticky notes, books, it's all in your purse. 

Pictured: Mango, Quilted shopper bag

Pictured: Vital Proteins, Matcha Collagen Powder. Verie, Sleepwear (Coming Soon). 

The Festive Fanatic 

You're the one who has been talking about the holidays since November and you've made enough reindeer shaped cinnamon cookies to last a lifetime; you love the hunter greens, the tartan trousers, and the rich red lip; you drag your boyfriend to every tree lighting in a one hundred mile radius, and you request a sparkly polish for your accent finger at every manicure throughout December. If you're rocking a green beanie, a debatably ugly seasonal knit, and you live for the festivities whatever they might be, you're a festive fanatic and you certainly look the part:

Pictured: H&M, Jacquard-knit Sweater

Pictured: Verie, Jenna Diamond Cuff

Incorporating a red lip and sparkling eye shadow is a sure way of leaning fully into a festive spirit (if this is perhaps a personality you're striving for). Gold or silver sparkling ear parties also fit the bill. Need ideas for building an ear party? We've got you with these styles

Pictured: Mango, Knit Beanie

Pictured: Starbucks, Cinnamon Dolce Latte Enhancer 

Pictured: Aerie, Flannel Jogger


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