5 Versatile Swimsuits You Won't Just Wear To The Beach

5 Versatile Swimsuits You Won't Just Wear To The Beach

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It’s summer, which means, best case scenario, you’re living in your swimsuit. But what if that fresh-off-the-beach ease was more than just a state of mind? Let your swimwear play double-duty this summer and you might just discover your bodysuit collection has doubled. Bodysuits, and one pieces, are beloved for their comfort, clean lines, and universally flattering shapes. Pair them with jeans for an easy dinner look. Wear them with a full skirt for a streamlined silhouette. However you style it, nothing says blissed-out versatility quite like a swimsuit off the beach. Bonus: if luggage real estate is in question, it’s a game changer. 

Read on for the inspiration to reach for your favorite suit next time you’re putting together a look. 

90s Shimmer 

Acacia, Black lurex one piece swimsuit.

Let your swimsuit bring energy to even the most basic of cutoff shorts, with or without the chain belt with flower detailing. This conversation piece pulls its weight when it comes to vacation packing, especially if dancing is on the itinerary. Try it with wide leg linen for something more casual. But lean all the way in come nightfall by switching out linen for hot pants.  

Minimalist Lines

Eres, Aquarelle Tank One Piece.

No brand nails sophisticated simplicity quite like Eres. This straight neckline plus thin straps beauty was made to last for decades. Channel your off-duty Cannes look by pairing the classic piece with a huge sunhat and bermuda shorts with just right tailoring. If it cools off, try an oversized white button up instead of a jacket. 

One Shoulder Wonder

Summersalt, The Sidestroke.

Voted “#1 most wildly-flattering one-shoulder style” by Elle, this one piece is perfect for transforming an otherwise unremarkable outfit into something closer to an ensemble. Keep the back detailing in mind and try wearing it with a mid length skirt with lots of volume. Even try wearing it with a skort for an early tennis match. 

Pattern Perfect

Faithful The Brand, Bea gingham underwired swimsuit.

If color’s more your thing, try a bright swimsuit against an all white look. This one piece in a playful gingham feels fresh in contrast to a monochromatic palette. The built-in bustier keeps the look from feeling too obviously water-friendly and the pattern is a breath of fresh air in a world of understated bodysuits. Don’t shy away from color when it comes to accessories for a more is more effect. 

Sporty Chic

Andie, The Venice-Eco.

Go from high coverage activities like surfing and swimming to pre-dinner drinks in a snap with this very Farrah Fawcett-esque one piece. Contrast the athletic feel with something feminine, like a skirt, or lean all the way in with baggy gym shorts and white sneakers. No matter how you spin it, this suit is one worth mixing and matching. 

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