Handbag Styles That Are Worth the Investment

Handbag Styles That Are Worth the Investment

My key words when it comes to luxury pieces are: functionality, beauty, and timelessness. If they stand the test of time for being in fashion and most importantly, are a lasting personal favorite - they're worth it. So step into my closet! 

You can never read enough about handbags. True, we wouldn't claim anything else, but there are endless styles and outfits to choose from! It can be an overwhelming task to know what shapes consistently turn heads, remain timeless and versatile in our daily lives, and are worth dropping coin on to work with your closet. If you can find a couple key pieces to elevate numerous looks - you've already won. 

Here are ten handbag styles that have stood the test of time and are worthy of your wardrobe. From fabric totes to embroidered dreams, let's count it down:  

10. The Unique Crossbody Look 

What we love most about designer handbags is the creativity and craftsmanship - it's easy to find inspiration from these expertly designed pieces. One of our favorite examples of this is the Chanel Classique Leather Crossbody Bag in Green (pictured above) that Valeria has worn for years. 

We found a similar cross body bag at Mango in that classic rectangular Chanel shape and that quilted design. If you're wondering about this bolder choice for color - we actually find that this green can act as a neutral if your closets are more solid in tone. Think of it as a good opportunity to easily work some color into your day! Here's a hot take: hunter green might be the new black? 

Image: Mango

Pro tip: If you love the shape and style of a particular luxury bag, look for similar characteristics in more affordable brands to test out the style before committing to an investment piece that you'll use long term. 

9. The Reimagined Beach-style 

A little taste of summer lives within the straw purse style. Pictured above is Valeria with her Daria customized straw bag - but it's not just the cursive name that does it for us. We love the rounded bottom and short handles. Talk about the cutest style ever to grab and go. We're tempted to take this out with us all autumn long - regardless of temperature or radius to a body of water! 

Image: Mango

When we want something that's a little less beach-ready - we find that braided handbags are our first choice. They look less casual but still incorporate that boho-style. 

Image: Mango

8.  The fit anything and everything bag

Pictured above: Verie Nora Short


The Chanel 19 bag is a style that was introduced a couple years ago and hasn't gone out of style or our hearts. We've since fell in love with the larger crossbody design and multiple brands have offered their take on it (see H&M's version below). The medium style is great size to go for when purchasing bags since it's not oversized like a tote so still has that "purse" look to it and can fit everything we need: small books, multiple snacks, endless amount of lip chaps, you name it. 

Image: H&M

Pro tip: Be versatile in your bag choice. Find a medium-sized bag that fits everything you need in daily life but can still be small enough for evenings out if you're often going from errands to dinner. 

7. The Trusty Tote 

Pictured above: Joe Fresh Felt Tote

Who doesn't love a good tote? Side note - who can resist an indie bookstore canvas tote? Not us. The tote is a good style to invest in if you carry many things with you. Use it as a book bag, grocery bag, purse; it's your everyday bag. There's also a variety of materials to choose from - we've seen velvet totes, leather totes, totes with snakeskin designs, and more. Since they're often more affordable than purses that boast multiple pockets, it's easier to have a couple different colors and styles for specific seasons. For fall and winter, a grey canvas tote is our go-to. 

Pictured above: Dynamite Accordion Tote 

Something we haven't seen a lot of yet is the uniquely detailed tote bag like the above pictured accordian-style. This creme-colored also allows for a year-round use regardless of season. 

6. The pouch trend 

It seems like everyone is wearing this pouch bag right now and can you blame them? It's such a gorgeous shape, it's super chic, and works as a clutch or shoulder bag. The above pictured bag is an investment Bottega Veneta bag that Valeria incorporates into outfits constantly. The pinkish-creme color gives her a lot of opportunity to pair with all different colors and outfits - regardless if she's in a summer dress, fall shacket, or winter wool pattern.  

Pictured above: Verie Gaia Dress in Black

Bottega is famous for their popular weaving texture and the above pictured bag is a stunning example of pairing a textured accessory with a solid outfit. It's instantly elevated because of that added dimension in the accessory. If the quilted look isn't your thing. We also adore pairing the below Mango pleated baguette bag  -which offers a spin on this textured look - with denim, plaids, and darker colors. 

Image: Mango

Pro tip: Play with textures to elevate a solid or patterned outfit. Take advantage of cremes and lighter colors as they will pair with multiple outfits. 

5. The individualistic take

Now this is a bag we can't stop talking about. the Fendi First Medium in brown is such an uncommonly gorgeous representation of the pouch bag. Their interpretation of this beautiful style is undeniably Fendi and feels that much more luxurious with the handle hardware spelling out the cool trademark "F". 

This bag was a gift from Fendi since Valeria started working and the camel color has had camera time ever since. 

Pro tip: Find a new take on a style you love. This "F" clasp and shape reminds us of the pouch but isn't a copy of anything that's already in our closets. 

4. The everyday bobby style 

Christian Dior is a brand Valeria is consistently wearing. The bobby style in particular is a signature Dior design, and to us, it's a perfect option for a day out and here's why: it's a clean design that still allows for storage space. Plus, the cross body design is super comfortable.

These heritage brands are an investment but there is safety in knowing they're not only "trendy" and their designs are not fleeting. It's a bag someone could have worn in the 70s, 90s, 2000s; it's recognizable from any era and we believe that will hold true well into the future. You won't be out of style anytime soon!  

Image: Mango

If you're not ready to commit to the investment piece just yet, Mango has a similar leather buckle bag (pictured above) that we love the look of and it satisfies that crossbody style and Bobby shape. 

Pro tip: Switch out the strap on the Bobby style for different designs to add some flare to an outfit on nights out. 

3. The power behind patterned pieces  

This Dior 30 Montaigne Bag is the first Dior piece Valeria bought. It's more for the fall and winter seasons since it has a darker look to it and it would pair beautifully with black and grey-toned outfits due to its style and Dior logo statement moment. 

Pictured above: Verie Gaia Dress in Black

Patterned pieces often communicate the look of luxury and will instantly elevate your outfit. 

Pictured above: H&M Jacquard Weave Handbag

2. The Magnificent Mini

Pictured above: Verie Suki Dress in Black

We've talked a lot about bags that offer versatility with space to adjust from day tripping to night life - but we can't leave out statement and accessory pieces that are more for your outfit than convenient baggage. This little baby (pictured above) is a Micro Lady Dior Vanity Case. It's an adorable way to bring the Dior signature style we love into any outfit. It's an Elle Woods situation, which we never shy away from, you know?

This Revolve Mini Purse is a perfect example of a small piece that brings glam but isn't oversized. We love the circular shape and clasp. 

Pictured above: Revolve

Pictured Above: Zara Padded Crossbody bag

Pro tip: Find a small enough mini piece to keep across your body all day or if the bag is light enough, switch out the strap for a gold chain to add shine. 

1. The art piece

This gifted Medium Lady D-Lite Dior bag is one of Valeria's favorite handbags because of the embroidery and the raspberry coloring. This is definitely an accent bag that will steal the show and is one of those heritage designer bags that you pass down to your grandchildren. It's somehow both trendy and timeless, and we love anything that you don't see every day but is eye-catching every day you see it. It's an investment piece, so they're often few and far between, but let's take a page from Dior's book and search for patterned bags that meld whatever colors we love with enchanting design. 

Pictured above: Tory Burch Ella Printed Tote Bag


If you want to watch Valeria go through some of her favorite designer pieces live, check out this haul on her YouTube Channel

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