10 ADELE Inspired Outfits That Are "Easy On Me"

10 ADELE Inspired Outfits That Are "Easy On Me"

Have you heard the news? Adele is back and we're barely keeping it together. The global superstar, the lyrical mastermind, the essence of power when it comes to vocals and personality and one of our favourite fashion figures; here are 10 times Adele inspired our style.

Have you heard the news? Adele is back and we're barely keeping it together. It's been six years since the utterly iconic album 25 hit shelves and the "Hello" music video rocketed to somewhere far above one billion views (half of which, admittedly, may have been because of us). We just knew when those 30 billboards mysteriously popped up around town she had returned to us. The global superstar, the lyrical mastermind, the essence of power when it comes to vocals and one of our favourite fashion figures; here are 10 times Adele instantly inspired our style. 


1. "Rumour Has It" this Black Button-up is our favorite fit 

Lord have mercy, just look at that black button-up. All black outfits will never not be momentous in the fashion industry and Adele's street style is just that. We're no longer scared of the impending colder weather when this hat and coat pair is being served at this rate of envy. Style it with pearls for a classier take or go with an oversized fit for an instant dress style. 


2. "All I Ask" is that this plaid enters our closets stat!

With the fall season comes the wave of beautifully intricate plaids that we can't get enough of. With a highland-inspired patterned overcoat it works well to base layer with solid colours. Fan of Outlander? Love a tweed or tartan against an autumn backdrop? We suggest incorporating plaid into your wardrobe however you can. It doesn't have to be overkill - just one larger piece like a jacket or dress pants will pair easily with a casual crewneck or a dressy button up. 

Image Credit: Vogue 

Dressed up or dressed down, both fits fit the bill, however eccentric you're feeling that day. In the below picture, Valeria has situated plaid over the Verie Everyday Sweatset, a simple strategy for when you're running from the yoga studio to the office. 

 Pictured wearing Verie Everyday Sweatset in Navy


3. "Rolling in the chic" with this morning look

Fair enough that an international superstar needs a beauty team to handle her itinerary. But how sublime does it look to be rocking the full cat eye look in black and white hair rollers? Color us jealous.

Image Credit: @adele

The white housecoat is just a prelude to all the boss-level things you're going to accomplish today - so finish the look with another espresso and stylish sunnies. This is the level of cool we always aspire to. 


4. Gonna make the "Skyfall" in this killer red hue

Is there anything better than a full red get-up paired with a full red lip? No, there isn't, and Adele at the 2016 Brit Awards promoting the heart-pounding 25 is everything we want. Sharp cut outs, confidence, texture, and floor length; the Gaia dress is some Adele inspiration at work. 

Image credit: Racked


5. "Send my love" to this floral dress 

Much like the "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" music video she wears it in, Adele's floral floor length is a visual masterpiece. You're always going to turn heads in a flowing floor length dress - be it an extravagant gown or a sundress and Keds. With the resurgence of more decorated outfits it's always good to have a ready-to-wear patterned piece for when you're bored of all your solids. Get out of your comfort zone by pairing a small or largely patterned dress or romper with a solid coloured blazer or cardigan. 

Image credit: YouTube


6. You'll be "Turning Tables(heads)" in this black mini dress 

We live for a black open-shoulder design. Here's Adele giving us heart palpitations hosting SNL last year as we all anticipated her announcing new music back then. But that's behind us, we officially have a new single coming, so she's forgiven for that bait and switch.

Image credit: Entertainment Tonight

Image credit: @adele

With pieces like the above Suki dress, you can wear it as a drop-shoulder like Adele's SNL look or pulled up just enough to keep the collar bone exposed to balance business with fancy. It's the perfect little number for a Saturday night. 

7. Red dress, we want to find "Someone Like You" 

We're channeling our inner 2013 Adele-at-the-Grammys in this floral mid-length red dress. Pair it with a white boot and a mid-length high neck line and you'll have that ABBA 1960s stage vibe for the perfect blend of classy and feminine. Valeria's pairing it with the Tal Cuff in yellow gold for a dainty ear party; understated ears make room for this dramatic red. 

Image credit: Huffpost


8. "Hello, it's me" trying to be Adele in black lace 

Nothing is sexier than a black lace, just ask the many black dresses with lace trim Adele has worn to any big industry event through the years. Same Adele, same. It's our go-to. If you have a lace top, throw on a pencil skirt and heels or simply pair it with a high-waisted jeans for an effortless yet done-up do. 

Image Credit: missismadam



9. "Set Fire to The Rain" in a burning red trench coat  

We're noticing a trend, Adele. In this legendary Time magazine cover feature, Adele is the look of our dreams in another perfect example of the red lip and red outfit combination. She's in a wool overcoat over a black base but you can dress it down slightly by donning a red suit with a bare base. Someone call the fire department. 

Image credit: Time 


10. Be the "Hometown Glory" in puffed sleeves 

We said a few weeks back that the mod mini dress and puffed sleeves weren't going anywhere. Adele's September Instagram post was an immediate "bow down" moment for us - and it's because of those white clouds on her shoulders. Also note the rose detailing on the chest. Amen. For the fall season, pair a mod mini with an oversized cardigan and some Old Hollywood Taylor Sunnies

Image credit: @adele


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