7 Outfits For The Most Glamorous Week Of My Life

7 Outfits For The Most Glamorous Week Of My Life

What I love about Art Basel is that unlike fashion weeks that focus exclusively on clothing, this is the merging of art and fashion. You get to see fashion houses bringing their creativity to other things besides clothes. There were so many highlights from these few days; Gary and I got to see so many cool exhibits, meet extraordinary people, and wear jaw-dropping pieces, so naturally I wanted to share it all with you guys!

This month, I was lucky enough to attend the events and exhibits at Art Basel Miami Beach! I went to the annual fair two years ago but this year gave me butterflies because it was triple the size it was in 2019, I was hosting an event, and we were attending exhibits from some of my favorite brands. 

Between full days of events, outfit changes, and family time, the challenge of living in the same city as a work trip is balancing work-life and mom-life. But looking back, it was such a beautiful experience despite the exhaustion and wardrobe malfunctions. I got to work with brands like Chanel, Dior, and Ferragamo; and my outfits are some of my favorite looks I've worn this year. I want to share my highlight reel and insider's look into the (hectic) and amazing time at Art Basel 2021! 


Exploring with Dior

November 29th, 7:00 PM
Dior Medallion Chair Preview
Location: Superblue Museum

The Look:
Glam Squad: @theclyque
Gown: Toni Maticevski via Nova Octo
Heels: Stuart Weitzman 

The first event that kicked off these very busy days was maybe my favorite - and definitely the most elegant, villain-ish Disney princess look I've ever worn! This dress barely arrived in time (classic wardrobe anxiety) but I’m still dreaming about it days after. 

Dior’s Medallion Chair Preview was a glamorous affair, full of style-fanatics, and hosted at Superblue which is this truly stunning museum. Seventeen artists from around the world were invited to interpret and design the Dior round-backed chair. We learned that this chair was designed by Christian Dior and was inspired by the Louis XVI style.

What I love about Art Basel is that unlike fashion weeks that focus exclusively on clothing, this is the merging of art and fashion. You get to see fashion houses bringing their creativity to other things besides clothes!


This was the first chair Dior sat his guests in when he presented his first collection. This artwork was unlike anything Gary or I had ever seen and the party that surrounded it was such a brilliant energy - just art and style lovers geeking out over beautiful things! 

Yellow is the New Blue

November 30th, 9:30 AM
Tiffany Breakfast
Location: Miami Design District

The Look:
Glam squad: @marcoartistry
Outfit: All Dior

For this look, it was all about the details. Here come the close ups! 

I had the opportunity to gaze upon some Tiffany & Co. yellow diamond high jewelry designs as part of their breakfast event (you know I beelined for the coffee for a morning event) in the Miami Design District.

For this diamond-themed art event, Tiffany & Co. transformed its boutique from the classic Tiffany Blue we know and love to Yellow to celebrate just the most amazing piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen. This yellow diamond pictured below was found in 1878 and was originally 287 carats, cut down to 128 to make this piece. Beyoncé actually wore it in her and Jay-Z's new Tiffany & Co. campaign - so that's how you know it's peak fancy. 

Image: Vogue



Image Credit: Tiffany & Co.

I got to walk around the collection (inspiration for 10th anniversary gifts? *cough* Gary? *cough*) and the wonderful curators there filled me in on what a rarity of nature some of these pieces are. For every 10,000 diamonds found, there is one colored diamond! I also learned that the oval diamond shape is having a major moment for the last few years, more so than the classic Tiffany’s cut we know and will always love. So it’s just stunning to see in person and actually try on (which they let me!) Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, you know?

Lady Dior Day

November 30th, 11:00 AM
Lady Dior Art Viewing
Location: Dior Boutique Miami

Next I got to look at the latest edition (their 6th!) of the Dior Lady Art Project. These were by far some of the most beautiful pieces of art I saw that week. Dior welcomed new artists to offer their talent and take on the utterly timeless and iconic piece of art that is the Lady Dior handbag. You guys know I’m a Dior bag girl through and through; and I love my few investment pieces because they are truly classic and won't go out of style (in my opinion).

Image: Nuvo

Image: Nuvo

This event really reminded me of Lady Dior’s legacy and what truly unique works of art these pieces are. It was so lovely to celebrate new artists and see the combination of fresh interpretations on a historic style. 

Evening Leather Weather

November 30th, 7:00 PM
Daily Front Row Dinner
Location: W South Beach

The Look:
Glam: Me!
Dress: Verishop 


To close out a really awe-inspiring day, I met up with friends at the Daily Front Row’s dinner event. I wore this gorgeously chic vegan-leather dress that again, in perfect shipping fashion, arrived at my door just before we were set to leave. It wasn't my original planned outfit; but I saw it, felt super comfortable in it, and decided that was the way to go for tonight! If you're deciding on outfits, pick what you feel beautiful in and you'll have that confidence with you for the whole evening. 
They also had one of those really cool 360 cameras which I obviously had a ton of fun with.

A Chanel Night is a Starry One

December 1st, 6:00 PM
No.5 The Right Number by Chanel
Location: Faena Beach
The Look:
Glam: @theclyque
Outfit: All Chanel

Okay, this was so beautiful. We show up to Chanel’s Art Basel kick-off event at twilight to celebrate the 100th birthday of Chanel’s famous No.5 fragrance, and literally hundreds of drones (540, we asked later) synchronized dance to music, forming shapes like the famous double C monogram and a 600 ft. bottle of Chanel No.5. I was speechless. This reminded me of the French Fashion house’s significance in fashion, the beautifully renowned camellia flower designs, and just so much more. This cocktail party was one for the books, and to experience it all on the beach was just overwhelming. 
Image: US Weekly 
For my look this evening, we did Chanel-inspired makeup by focusing on the lips, since we focused on the eyes for the last couple events. This outfit was super clean with a turtleneck and sleek bun with statement Chanel earrings.

Something Borrowed, Something Ferragamo Blue

December 2nd, 11:00 AM
Previewing the Spring/Summer ‘22 Ferragamo Collection
Location: Ferragamo Boutique, Miami Fashion District
The Look:
Glam: @theclyque
Outfit: Ferragamo fit and Verie earrings of course!


I am obsessed with this all blue Ferragamo fit. From the lighter ocean blue color of my matching shorts and blazer suit to the teal-like bag, I was (am still) floored by this. It was the perfect outfit for the Miami weather - still warm but not scorching, so the long sleeves were a good choice - and it was fitting to wear Ferragamo while previewing their Spring/Summer 2022 season collection. For most of my outfits for this week, we picked longer sleeves since the weather was breezy and tolerable (luckily the weather held out for me!) 


Introducing, Your Hostess

December 2nd, 12:00 PM
Hosting the Ferragamo Luncheon!
Location: Le Jardinier

It was such a pleasure to be asked by Ferragamo to host a luncheon as part of our preview of their upcoming fashion season! I was able to see friends I hadn't connected with in so long and network with new ones. So many influencers attended who I look up to and admire and we all got to preview this beautiful collection from one of my favorite brands. The colors, the classic sophisticated style, and the beautiful structures and shapes of Ferragamo handbags makes me so excited for this upcoming season!

P.s., I did a Designer Handbag Haul not long ago, check it out here if you want to see what pieces were worth the investment and which styles are timeless in my opinion. 

Chanel, Casually 

December 2nd, 6:00 PM
Chanel Boutique Opening
Location: Miami Design District
The Look:
Glam: @theclyque
Outfit: Chanel
Image: Vogue

We closed the day with a brilliant boutique opening for Chanel. For my look, we went with casually sophisticated with a wide-leg jean and Chanel blazer and accessories. Thank you Vogue for featuring my look as part of your Chanel event highlights! Now, the true highlight of this outfit was the earrings; I’ve never seen anything like them. Here's a close up: 


100 Years, 100 More

December 3rd, 7:00 PM
Chanel’s 100th Anniversary Dinner
Location: Jungle Plaza 
The Look:
Glam: @nandaquero
Outfit: Chanel

For my last event of these amazing few days I attended Chanel’s art installation “Five Echoes” which completely took over the Jungle Plaza. The installation by artist Es Devlin (it’s open until December 21st) includes striking lights, a sculptural labyrinth, and over 1,000 trees and shrubs (we checked the number), which will be replanted in Miami-Dade County.

Besides the totally magical visuals of this event that celebrated Chanel’s No. 5 fragrance reaching 100 years, Latin-singer Rosalía absolutely dominated in her performance. For this night, I wore a black Chanel suit with matching purse and loose waves for hair.  

And that's a wrap on Art Basel Miami Beach 2021! It was amazing to see so many friends and just bask in the glow of art. Besides the challenges of an intense schedule and trying to really immerse myself in every event, it was truly just such an inspiring week, and I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to appreciate the talent and artistry.

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage of my week at Art Basel 2021:

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