Nail Inspo to Bring To Your Next Manicure

Nail Inspo to Bring To Your Next Manicure

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2020 was the year of the mandatory at-home manicure, but unless you have a steady hand, there is no comparison to the expertise of a professional. Nail artists and technicians have been perfecting their skills at home during quarantine, and now that our favorite nail salons are open we are running to get a manicure for our neglected nails. While there are two personality types when sitting down for your mani--those who find it a peaceful moment of self care and those who impatiently wait for the paint to dry--there are way more personalities when it comes to the style of your manicure. 

Gone are the simple days of “pick your color." We now have endless options to choose from: nail shape, color choice, type of manicure, polish type, and design. With endless possibilities comes the overwhelming choice of what to get. The way we see it, a manicure is an extension of your personal style, and while the commitment of a manicure is only a few weeks, whatever you pick, you should love it. To make your decision ever easier, we've rounded up the manicures we're mulling over (and scheduling ASAP).

Not Basic, Just Classic

The french manicure has gone from a staple circa 2000s, to a dated choice, and now it's back on-trend. It made its comeback by with a simple update: color. Try replacing your white tips with color or go nude on nude for a softer french look that you will never get tired of.

Tortoise Time

Tortoise print is not just for sunglasses, and while we at Verie love a tortoise pair of sunglasses, the look of tortoise shell is equally loved on your nails. Want to try the trend without going all in? Go for tortoise tips or an accent nail. You can also try a milky tortoise look by going with softer colours.

Feeling Nostalgic

We will forever be inspired by the 90s and early 2000s, and that inspo extends to our nail extensions. From butterflies to fruit, happy faces to yin/yang signs, we love that this sticker inspired, playful look is on trend. "Hey Siri, play Britney Spears."

Negative Space

Sometimes it's what's missing from a manicure that makes things interesting. Negative space allows some of your natural nail to come through in the void of your design. This look works well with neutral colors and shapes with curves.  



Nothing says summer like fresh lemonade, or if you like something a little stronger, Limoncello. Try a swipe of this tart color on your tips as an accent or go all in on this lemony look with a solid polish coat on all your nails.

Go nude

When in doubt go bare. Healthy nails are the best nails and a trip to the nail salon doesn't always need to include polish. Try letting your nails breathe and opt for a naked manicure or request a single coat of clear polish to give your natural nail some shine. But don't skip the cuticle clean up!


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