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NYE Dresses That Say "F You Omicron, I'm Still Happy!"

Well, I think we can all agree, the first years of the roaring ‘20s did not go as planned. At times like these, it’s important to keep spirits (and hopes) up by injecting even the slightest bit of normalcy into our lives. For this, I suggest dressing to the nines - regardless of if you're leaving the house or not.
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Image credit: Vogue

Well, I think we can all agree, the first years of the roaring ‘20s did not go as planned. It seems a little dark to joke about the state of the world right now, but at times like these, it’s important to keep spirits (and hopes) up by injecting even the slightest bit of normalcy and lightheartedness into our lives. For this I suggest using this New Year’s Eve as an excuse to party. No, of course I don’t mean throw caution to the wind and french kiss the first stranger you meet in the line for street food. Omicron is no joke. I sincerely suggest you carry a rapid test kit in your clutch and pair a bedazzled N95 mask with your NYE shoes. Better yet, stay home and insist your small amount of party-going friends take a test as their entry ticket into your socially-distanced 2022 countdown party. 

True, your night might not look like the above picture; it may look closer to the picture below. Whatever it is you’re up to when the ball drops, wherever you are in the world, this is your permission to get dressed up even if your corner of the earth is locked down. Regardless if you’re not leaving the apartment or going to a cocktail-and-mask event, we can still be happy as we (safely) ring in a better year to come. 

The Slip Dress

This style looks great reclining on a sofa in your parent's basement or in the penthouse of a lavish Four Seasons. The slip dress will always be a favorite when it comes to New Year's Eve inspiration. It's slinky, sexy, and comfortable. If you're in colder climates, it looks killer with a teddy jacket or long faux fur coat. Sparkly heels, tall boots, or just socks because you aren't leaving the house; everything pairs well with a form-fitting slip dress.
Pictured: Mango, 100% Silk Slip Dress
You don't have to go with the classic spaghetti strap top. You can find high neck or low cut and long sleeve dresses with the same look and silky feel of the traditional slip dress. 

The Sweater Dress

Is your NYE plan to hit up a close friends' movie marathon? Honestly, I'm jealous. Forget the state of the world for a moment and still look hot during your Omicron-free party. I suggest the sweater dress because you can style it formally for parties and casually for work or home throughout the winter. If you're going to an event, pair your sweater dress with a fancier coat for the journey and black pumps or heels. 
Pictured: Mango, Knitted Turtleneck Dress
If it's more of a casual affair, use high boots or Blundstones if you're walking on slushy sidewalks to pick up take-out champagne and appetizers. 
Pictured: TenTree, Fleece Crew Dress

The Mini

You can't go wrong with the mini dress. Investing in one in a color you love will spruce up your closet and make sure you're ready for a last minute party invite for years to come. Lately, I've really loved the higher sock, chunky shoe look with dresses. This long sleeve mini from Aritzia combines the puffed sleeve look with a matching black shoe for a really classy and modern take on NYE. 
Pictured: Aritzia Sunday Best, Delilah Longsleeve Dress
For something different, try a structured cut mini dress that draws inspiration from the rigid shoulder of '80s blazers. The shorter dress might require some tights but at least your arms will be warm! Talk about suffering for our fashion.
Pictured: Mango, Buttoned wrap dress

The Fancy Look

If you're spending NYE indoors and isolated this year - there's absolutely no reason not to dress up in something different and feel 'done-up'. A favorite self-care evening for me is wearing the comfiest pajamas I can find and trying out different makeup looks. This lets me play with what fits with my tone and style. Here is my go-to makeup look to try this year (or for your next in-person event): 

A smokey-eye and full red lip will always look fancy. Try big curls to match and stronger contouring around the cheek bones. Check out our smokey eye tutorial and our hack on how to curl hair.  

The Jumpsuit 

If dresses aren't really your style then don't forget the power of the jumpsuit. Brilliant in cargo and corduroy or velvet and silk, the jumpsuit is seriously the favorite closet piece for many these last few years. You can easily use what's already in your closet for NYE by pairing sparkly heels and bright colored jackets over your more casual jumpsuit. Or you can go the full mile and invest in a sparkly, loud, gorgeous NYE-worthy piece like what's pictured below. 

The Sequin-style Fit

And, of course, we cannot neglect the sequinned look. These look great for any holiday or winter party. If you have a colored dress, try pairing statement earrings in gold materials and matching accents like eyeliner, purses, or hair pieces. 

The Celeb-inspired Picks

If it's down to the wire and you still haven't found the outfit inspiration you want, we can always trust the power of celebrity fashion and Google. Britney, once again, bestow upon us the motivation to get dressed up even if we're drinking wine alone! 
Image Credit: Vogue
Dua Lipa had arguably the biggest year even if we didn't; shattering pop records and who even knows how many top 40 hits she had this year. She always looks flawless (her changing hair styles is a level of confidence and beauty I try to channel even on the most mundane of days). Her brightly colored sequinned wardrobe is also a source for inspiration.  
Image credit: IWMBuzz
The boss-mom Ashley Graham may be expecting twin boys - but I'd put money on the fact she still gets dressed up this NYE; she really looks stunning in anything at anytime. Find a waist clinging dress to mimic this beautiful hourglass shape. 
Image credit: Pinterest
And finally - if you're not yet ready to crawl out of your cozy soft-wear but you have thigh high boots kicking around - you've got a NYE outfit. It's all about the accessories when it comes to sweater dresses. Pair a leopard print or tartan purse with sparkly accessories and a gold belt and there's no need to change out of your lounge-wear.
Image credit: Gluwee

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