Resort Fashion Begging For HEAT

Resort Fashion Begging For HEAT

The two things to pay attention to the most when planning for resort-wear are: can this outfit be comfortable and make me feel beautiful? If you're packing with limited luggage, here is style inspiration for versatility, comfort, and style for day-wear and evenings out!

Sometimes you don’t realize you’ve been on autopilot until you finally get a chance to step back and take a breath. After a full two years without taking a vacation, just the two of us with no kids and no schedule, Gary and I returned to our honeymoon locale from almost ten years ago - the Belmond Hotel in Sint Maarten and Anguilla. We slowed down to enjoy each other’s company, eat incredible food, see the amazing sites, and wear some stunning outfits. Rapid packing for this week (any parent can relate to just how little time I had to prep for this trip!) reminded me of the task of putting together resort outfits and fitting it all in limited luggage. I want to share with you my ten go-to resort styles that kept me comfortable, stylish, and feeling beautiful all day and evenings out, along with my styling tips for any warm destination. 


Outfit 1: Ballerina Skirt and Top

When I think about a Caribbean vacation, I want to be in my bikini pretty much all week. So this two-piece camel set by Orseund Iris was exactly what I needed to kick the stay off right and take advantage of matching two piece sets after the sun goes down. I paired it with a matching sandal with a kitten heel, and I was ready for our first dinner at L’Oursin.

Skirt: Orseund iris
Shirt: Orseund Iris
Shoes: Elleme
Bag: Serpui (something similar)
Lipstick: Chanel


Outfit 2: Landscape Ombre

This ombre set got a lot of attention on my Instagram and I'm pretty sure it's because we're all counting down the days until the summer season when we can wear lighter sets like this. That and this spring fashion season is promising florescent colors and more retro patterns.

Shirt: Alejandra Alonso Rojas (get it at at Saks Fifth Avenue)
Shorts: Alejandra Alonso Rojas (get it at Saks Fifth Avenue)




Outfit 3: Cloud Gown

When on vacation all expectations of casual vs. fancy dress are out the window in my opinion; you're there to enjoy yourself and wear what you feel comfortable in. So when we went to dinner at La Cigale, I wanted something 'gown-like' but still airy and bouncy to fit in and keep me cool on a warmer evening. This beautiful white piece by Caroline Constas with puffy sleeves and exposed back was the perfect amount of that light, flowing movement when I walked, and it had the floor-length fancy-feel I was looking for. 

Dress: Caroline Constas
Bag: Pipatchara (something similar)


Outfit 4: Sun’s Out

This yellow and pink (Jeep) color combo was the spring color trend I never knew I needed. The straw hat completed this “I’m on vacation and I’m here for an adventure” look while caravanning around the island. Plus, it's so easy just to slip on and it's a comfortable waistband for getting in and out of the car. I didn't have to worry or fuss about my clothing - I could just be there in the moment. With matching sets like this, they're an easy alternative to a swimsuit cover-up if you're needing something with full pants so you can go from beach to town without changing. Plus, if you get too warm, you can just slip the top half off while still being covered on your bottom half. 

Shirt: Dannijo
Shorts: Dannijo
Hat: Lack of Color


Outfit 5: Pastel Pieces



I really fell in love with these sherbet yellow pants with the white and black waistband. This combination makes them perfect pieces for my vacation wardrobe capsule because they basically go with anything in your suitcase. A white top and some black accessories tie the whole look together and again, it leaves some room in your luggage because you can mix and match to create multiple outfits. Sometimes I pack something quickly and days later when I pull a piece on, I'm just not feeling it. Capsule wardrobes allow for some mood changes and shift in temperature when you just want to switch out a top or accessories and not the entire outfit. 

Hat: Ruslan Baginskiy
Top: Cult Naked
Pants: Stella  McCartney


Outfit 6: Palm Leaf Green

It’s fun to match the landscape, especially when it’s beautifully lined with stunning green palm leaves. I’m about being unrestricted on vacation and this palm leaf green dress was a stunning combination of sleek, sexy, and comfortable. I finished the look with nude heeled-sandals that still felt fancy enough to compliment my dress.


Dress: Galvan London (something similar at Revolve)
Shoes: Elleme (in white)


Outfit 7: Matching Pecan Set

I put together this outfit with relaxed-fit cotton trousers and matching halter style bralette for a breathable, “stroll along the boardwalk” vibe. A matching straw-style fedora adds much needed UV protection and completes the ensemble. This outfit is great for exploring during the day or you could add heeled-sandals and remove the sunhat for an evening out. 

Hat: Ruslan Baginskiy
Set: Beck and Bridge

Outfit 8: Palm Tree Robe

The second half of our trip was in the breathtaking Anguilla - and I had three evening outfits left but not enough days left there. You guys always have my back when it comes to picking looks, and when I posted the options on Instagram the love was overwhelmingly for this piece! It's a dress-robe with sequin embellishments and the perfect outfit to show off newly sun-kissed legs. The velvet tie belt hugged my waist for a more feminine silhouette without being too restrictive (because no one wants that at dinner time). The gold heels from Gianvito Rossi are the perfect footwear to elongate your legs which is a great feature to pay attention too when you're deciding what to pair with a shorter dress.

Dress: Retrofete
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi (something similar)


Outfit 9: Crystal (Pajama) Set

Whoever said sleepwear doesn't belong in the day time (or on evenings out) clearly never tried on a sleepwear-inspired sets! This oversized, crystal embellished cotton outfit is the perfect balance between comfortable and glamorous, and that's really the fine line we’re all striving for, isn't it? 

Shirt: Sanne
Pants: Sanne


Outfit 10: Pistachio Knit Bandeau

A tube top with a matching maxi-skirt in a comfortable metallic pistachio knit fabric was the perfect farewell outfit to these two truly magical places. When you're packing for resort (or any vacation) it's important to pack outfits that are 'pull-on-ready'. As in, you're either jet-lagged, in a rush to get to dinner, or want to not spend time getting dressed and more time pool-side. If you just need to get dressed in under five minutes, go for a maxi skirt. I could have lived for days in this outfit. The two things to pay attention to the most when planning for resort-wear are: Is this piece comfortable and does it make me feel beautiful, to the point I would wear it multiple times? If so, that's the piece to pack!

Top: Bec and Bridge
Skirt: Bec and Bridge


We put together a two-part vacation vlog featuring our favorite moments, the in-between behind-the-scenes, and all of my outfits in action so you could experience this second honeymoon with us: 


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