The 5-Min Parisian Makeup Hack

The 5-Min Parisian Makeup Hack

When I only have five minutes to get ready to go out (which is often because I have three young children), I lean into the shadowy eyes and the bold reds seen often in the city of love. Since I was back visiting Paris this week with Chanel, I thought I'd share how to look Parisian chic in a matter of minutes. You'll look effortless with minimal effort.



Even before we moved to Miami earlier this year, I've loved visiting and being inspired by the makeup artists and fashion icons in this city. VIOLETTE_FR is my go-to inspiration for classic Parisian chic looks. When I only have five minutes to get ready to go out (which is often because I have three young children), I lean into the shadowy eyes and the bold reds I've seen in the City of Love. 

Image: French Makeup Artist VIOLETTE_FR

Since I was back visiting Paris this week, I thought I'd share my hack on looking Parisian chic in just a few minutes. You'll look effortless with minimal effort!

Step 1

I start off with a protective primer so all my makeup applies smoothly after this. I just put a little bit on my fingertips and massage in. Some favorites of mine are Tatcha's Silk Canvas Protective Primer and Dior Beauty's Forever Skin Veil

Step 2 

As a foundation, I use a tinted moisturizer so I can incorporate some hydration while still smoothing over any, you know, evidence of early mornings. I like this one because a small amount still smooths over skin imperfections and hyperpigmentation without being too heavy. Plus you can just apply it easily without a ton of blending which saves time! Right now I'm using the Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow tinted moisturizer a lot because it releases color as you apply it to your skin. 


Step 3 

Quickly top it off with a bit of tinted powder to create that smooth and balanced look. You don't have to apply it too heavily; you just want that natural look that still makes me people stop and say: "Wow! She's glowing!" When I'm really trying to channel my inner Parisian (which should be everyday, shouldn't it?) my go-to is the Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint because it has micro-droplet pigments and makes me feel like my face is bare and free when it obviously isn't.

Step 4 

If you need some more coverage (nothing wrong with a little bit more facial security) choose another light powder to finish off your face layer. Make sure to pick a finishing powder that's air light and loose to create that really nice mattifying effect.  

Step 5

Okay, time to move right on to the eyes. So here's the trick to cut time and save money - use the same pencil for eye shadow and eye liner. Find an eye pencil that has a wider point and a softer consistency - these are usually labelled as "3-in-1's" or "eye sticks" rather than just eyeliners or eye pencils. For this shadowy look, I'm using my Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye Color because it applies almost like a primer for your eyelid. 

For a super easy lighter and smokey look, I'm using this stick in brown. Apply the color to the middle, upper, and outer part of your eyelid. Use a small makeup brush to lightly spread the color across your entire eyelid to start creating that shadow effect. Don't over-apply because you can always add to this later - it's easier to apply more than remove and have to start all over again. 

Next, take that same pencil as your eyeliner to keep that color scheme going. Dab the pencil on the outer corner of your bottom lid, using your middle finger, gently dab and spread the color across your lower lid. Again, don't apply too heavily. 

Use your small makeup brush to do a quick one-time sweep under the eyelids to clear away any smudging. Then apply just a little more to the upper part of the eyelid in an arching shape. Use your brush to soften and blend. 

Step 6

It's brow time. Use a brow gel (I use a volumizing one to create that full look) with a small brush to sweep your brows upwards and apply gel at the same time. Fill in the gaps (because no one applies brow gel on perfectly the first time) using your eye pencil. 

Okay let's take a quick break to talk about Paris. I love talking about traveling and new cities because it inspires my creativity so much and I'm a firm believer in taking a breath and reconnecting with what things inspire you, serve you, and give you energy. This past week I took a very quick trip there to meet with my friends and partners at Chanel and Chanel Beauty, visit sights, and eat so much delicious food.

The highlight for sure was visiting Gabrielle Chanel's restored apartment at 31 Rue Cambon. The restoration was thanks to months of hard work by Interior Designer Jacques Grange, and even the littlest detail told the origin story of this brand that I adore so much. If you visit, you can instantly see iconic Chanel collections from the apartment's designs. There are double C's in chandeliers, suede sofas, and coromandel screens. It was such an emotional experience to walk around the most beautiful apartment I've ever stepped into fifty years after the famous French Fashion mogul passed away.

Alright - let's get back to makeup. 

Step 7 

Apply some dark mascara to create a really dramatic look to compliment those smokey eyes you just created. I'm using a L'Oréal Paris volumizing one. 


Step 8

In her Parisian chic looks, VIOLETTE adds a little more brown to her cheeks rather than a real deep pink blush, so I'm using my Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel (very French theme today guys) and Les Beiges Blush which is more of a light beige color. Apply it to your cheeks and use your fingers to blend up and across your cheekbones.  

Step 10

Alright, arguably the most important step, and definitely the one that pulls together this whole look. Even if you only have one minute to spare for makeup, choose lips to focus on. I just feel instantly chic and effortlessly luxurious with a red lip, you know what I mean? If you want the classic Parisian chic, so a very red option, try Chanel's Rouge Allure Liquid Powder. It goes on like a matte stain with a really bright, impactful color. You can top it off with another Rouge matte lip stick, and as the French say, Voilà! 

Thanks beauties! Now that you have some time back, remember to take a moment to find inspiration, plan your next adventure, or continue trying new looks and hacks! See my final look:

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