The Mastery of Monochromatic Styling

The Mastery of Monochromatic Styling

There’s just something about a single colored ensemble that always seems to work. We’ve all seen photos of someone from a celebrity All-White Party and thought “Wow! They look so chic and put together”. This is precisely why monochromatic styling is always going to be a fashion win. 
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I’m willing to bet we’ve all seen photos of someone from a celebrity All-White Party and thought “Wow! They look so chic and put together”, before taking a step back to realize they’re just wearing a v-neck and linen trousers. The same can be said about a man in an entirely black (or blue, or purple) three-piece suit with shoes and tie to match. There’s just something about a single colored ensemble that always seems to work.  

(Image: Vogue)

This is precisely why monochromatic styling is one of those lasting trends that just never goes out of style. Sure, some specific colors may take center stage during certain seasons, like the hot pink/Barbie Dream World we’re currently living in, but at its core, monochromatic styling, regardless of color, is always going to be a fashion win. 

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Monochrome, whether in visual art, design, or fashion, is the use of only one color throughout an ensemble to create one, cohesive (and aesthetically pleasing) piece. Colors can be different tones of the same hue or paired with black, grays, or white to enhance or mute potential impact, but sticking to one true color is the only steadfast rule to this timeless look. So if you’re not big on following ever-changing fashion trends, there are a number of enduring benefits of monochromatic dressing. 

More Bang for Your Buck 

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If you're worried you can’t pull off the latest trends or you’re hesitant to spend money on trendy pieces that may go out of style by next season, monochrome is your get out of jail free card. If you look through any fashion show runways or style magazine throughout the decades you’ll find fawned-over monochromatic looks in every color proving that investing in this simple (yet poignant) style will never be a loss.

Gives the Illusion of a Longer Silhouette

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Interior designers use color to carry an aesthetic through what would typically be seen as distinct rooms to give the illusion of one continuous open space, and the exact same tactic works with our fashion choices. Wearing one color from head-to-toe allows the eye to see long, fluid lines, rather than chopping the body up into distinct segments, giving the illusion of more height and length even for the more vertically challenged among us. 

Save Time Choosing Outfit 

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If you’re anything like me, you spend the majority of your time getting dressed trying to pick and choose which pieces compliment each other and avoiding colors that are going to clash. Talk about decision fatigue! With a monochromatic look you can cut out the stress of complementary colors selection because the only serious decision making you’ll need to do is decide what hue you want to exploit for your style benefit. 

Instantly Look More Intentional 

(Image: Zendayastylefiles)

When you see someone wearing a monochromatic outfit it instantly gives the impression of being much more intentional and fashionable than a similar outfit of matching or coordinated colors. There's a reason All-White Parties have become such a sweeping trend across the world. Monochromatic styling allows otherwise competing pieces, like bright colored thigh-high leather boots and equally dopamine-inducing pants, to work together to create one incredibly chic and deliberate outfit. 

Monochrome Works for Everyone


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Most of us feel comfortable wearing black, grays, and neutrals so why not make a full outfit out of it. Grayscale, in itself, is a great monochrome option that’s easily rendered and varied using pieces you probably already have in your closet, but it’s also a great way to dip your toes into the world of color. We all have certain colors we feel most confident wearing, but are maybe hesitant to rock it head-to-toe. Start out by adding a yellow handbag and shoe combo to your grayscale outfit, or red pants and jacket to an otherwise black ensemble to make a comfortable transition with all the impact of a monochrome aesthetic.

Mild to Wild Options

 Whether you're just dipping your toes into the monochrome world or a veteran looking to experiment with more eye-popping designs, there’s room on the spectrum for everyone. Mixing different patterns and even textures can add vibrancy and a focal point to your outfit if you're looking to highlight certain areas over others. 

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