Valeria’s Edit: My Favorite Things For March

Valeria’s Edit: My Favorite Things For March

Every month, I share my favorite products that are now a huge part of my every day life - from crafting my beauty routines, adding to my fashion staples, or just something new I'm really into. This spring, it's all about health and wellness, sustainable products, and dainty jewels!
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In a matter of weeks, spring will be here. The fashion season of minis, florals, and bright colors is already here, and I have never been more excited. I’m in Paris this week, and whenever I’m in a city away from home, I like to take time to breathe it all in and gather inspiration from what's around me. Time away from family, although really difficult, as any mom can relate, is a good opportunity to check in with yourself. This month, I'm checking in on my own health and well-being, and what's going to bring me happiness but also support my health this spring. 


Vital Proteins, Collagen Creamer


After a long winter, I’m trying to reclaim myself and my feminine energies by being more nurturing towards myself. I’m constantly taking care of my children, and most days, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for my own growth and development. I think we’re often taught that putting ourselves first is selfish. I’ve spent a long time trying to reverse this idea. Putting yourself first isn’t selfish - it’s essential to mental and physical well-being. As a holistic nutritionist, I’m constantly trying to think up ways to add good vitamins and minerals into my diet, put effort and time into my fitness journey, and still do everything else on my checklist. Because it's just as important as anything else, and this is something we need to remind ourselves every day.

Lately, I've been reading a lot about collagen. Collagen protein powder is an easy way to get an instant boost of vitamins that support your hair, skin, and nails. My personal favorite is the Vanilla Collagen Creamer from Vital Proteins because I can just add this to my morning coffee and it’s a way to get some healthy fat into my daily diet. It’s also dairy free and made from coconut milk. This powder also has Collagen Peptides, which is easy to digest and supports our joints and bones; something we should start paying attention to at a younger age so we have healthy bodies when we’re older. I did do some research before trying it because with all these nutrition products on social media these day, I like to know what’s actually in these products. 

Dior, Forever Foundation


I always try to research and understand the products I’m suggesting to other people, especially skincare and makeup, because we’re applying this right onto our faces and bodies. I’ve been a fan of Dior’s makeup for a long time because not only does it make me look and feel beautiful - the company itself makes an effort to research what they’re putting out into the world.

Dior’s new Forever Foundation has to stick to a specific list of ingredients, and it has this redesigned packaging. The bottle is 40% recycled glass, which helps prevent non-reusable glass waste. So you know what you're putting on your body and storing in your bathroom. 

From an application and everyday use perspective, it has a matte-finish and is hydrating, so my skin doesn’t get dried out by hour ten of a long shoot day, and it doesn’t transfer onto my white blouses - which is a concern now that I’m wearing lighter spring colors. 


Verie, Corinne Diamond Hand Chain


Of course, I have to talk about some long standing favorites from Verie. This hand chain I wore literally all the time last spring and summer is such an easy way to elevate a beach or boardwalk outfit, or if you don’t want to wear a ton of jewelry but still want to make a statement, it’s dainty but flashy enough to be seen. I don’t see hand chains enough and honestly, they’re one of my favorite styles just because you’re taking a ring or bracelet look one step further. 


Paige, Sanderson Collab Suit


We recently wrote about the five denim looks that will dominate this spring season and as much as I love the simple, classic canadian tuxedo - I really love when traditionally denim brands create this whole new outfit based on denim trends we know and love. Matching sets will forever be one of my favorite looks but it’s nice to have an option you can wear out on an errands day or to a fancy event just by mixing and matching or switching up your shoe choice. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a fan of Paige’s denim collections - but this partnership collection designed from a british wallpaper design? It’s next level. Plus, both blazer and pants are made from cotton and spandex so they’re super comfy and you get that added little bit of room on bloated days. 


Cove Kombucha, Strawberry Limeade

$4.99 - 10.99 (variety packs)


Yes, call me a hipster, but I’ve officially hopped on the kombucha train. Maybe I’m late to the party - but this drink has added so much color to my everyday. I’m always looking for new, fun things to try like new smoothie recipes, new coffee brands, etc. This is an ancient fermented tea that is really delicious and it’s good for you. It’s 100% raw and organic, and I prefer Cove’s recipes because they’re really open about what they use in it and their commitment to sustainability. This drink uses 100% fair trade cane sugar so it tastes sweet and different enough from regular teas. It’s my choice thing to grab if I'm going out with Maxi to the park or picking the boys up from school and am running out the door (which is pretty much always these days). 


Joe Fresh, High Neck Sports Bra

$24 CAD

I’m kind of obsessed with activewear. It’s not a surprise to most of you who have followed me the past year and watched my early morning gym sessions, or kept up with Verie's line. Although lately it’s been the biggest battle with myself to get up and be active before sunrise - I’m trying my best not to be hard on myself, to do what I can, and be active when I can and thank my body for that (even if that’s more like once a week or less right now). Part of my motivation is feeling good, both inside and out, so having comfortable and stunning workout fits just helps, you know? I love a high neck sports bra, because you get the support you need and it can easily double as a shirt.

Stay tuned for next month's picks, published here at Verie!

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