Valeria's Edit: Spring Favorites For April

Valeria's Edit: Spring Favorites For April

Valeria shares her favorite brands, collections, and products for April - including what spring trends are worth investing in and versatile pieces for Spring/Summer '22.



A few weeks ago I traveled to Paris. It's hard to pick a favorite city, but if I had to right now, it would be this one. The historic streets, the croissants (I obviously had to have one every morning I was there), and just the inspiration that pours from that city. While I was there, I met with Valmont to explore the streets and get to know their new skincare line, specifically designed with millennial women in mind. I like that they approached creating Luminosity less with what skin concerns are we conquering and more "who is this product for?" That was my signal that this skincare line would be useful to young women across the board. If you've followed me on social media for awhile, you of course know that I'm constantly working to champion confidence in our own beauty and accentuate the natural beauty we all possess. This line really embodies that, and I connected with that immediately. 

The product itself works to help my skin glow and it's a built routine already done so there's no planning needed in the mornings and evenings. I don't wear a ton of makeup - and this line is lightweight and creates that bright complexion so I don't need any additional makeup to round out my look. 

See my behind-the-scenes adventures in Paris below!

Linen Blazer Suit,

If you've seen my Outfit-Of-The-Day at all this past year, you know I love a boxy blazer and trouser. Matching sets? Even better. I'm in love with this light blue, linen suit from Mango. It will easily carry me through the spring and summer seasons and I love that it feels lightweight and creates that beautiful, masculine shape. Whenever comfort meets style, you know I'm there!

Cove Kombucha

Okay, full disclosure, I talk about kombucha a lot. It's my latest obsession. Maybe it's the warmer weather and the craving for something sweet while still focusing on my health and fitness journey - but kombucha checks all these boxes. It's so crisp and so good after a workout or just a pick-me-up in the middle of the day. Plus - it feels like a cheat day drink but it's actually beneficial for your health. It's a win-win. 

Anna Nata Collection,

I can’t wait to live in these pieces from Revolve's new sustainable brand: Anna Nata. Their focus is on responsibly-sourced resources (which you may know is important to me, as it's a focus at Verie too). Revolve's pieces are also plant-based (which is so awesome), and a spring and summer closet is well-balanced if you have a slip dress, wrap dress, and matching sets in there. One or two dresses will be a great investment if you want pieces that can be worn for multiple occasions. Throw a blazer over the slip dress or a cardigan for cooler days, or dress up with heels for a night out. 


 Loren Sunglasses,


Now that it's finally getting sunnier everywhere (I won't lie, this is one of our family's favorite things about Miami), we're all in need of a good pair of sunglasses. For the warmer seasons, I go for a sand or tortoise color to match the light-weight outfits I'm putting together. 

Long Knit Polo Cardigan & Flared Knit Pant,

You've probably seen me in this look a lot if you follow me on Instagram or TikTok. I like shopping at Dynamite because it's affordable so I can get a few pieces to mix and match to create multiple outfits for the season. I like a lightweight button-up for warmer days and like in the picture below - it's really cute to button just the middle buttons to create some dimension in the outfit. Like last spring and summer, matching sets are all the rage - so these comfy knit pants are great and the flared style is perfectly on trend with the season. 

Sam Floral Medley Wicker Medium Satchel
Kate Spade


Yes, I know it's April, but I'm already in summer mode. Especially since moving to Miami, I've slowly started rounding out my beach and floral attire. I'm in love with this new wicker satchel from Kate Spade because it's a very summer look, and it's dressed-up enough to take it with you on casual dates or more formal events. That inner lining is gorgeous, and the boxed shape is so versatile and cute. 


Mama Necklace,

It's almost Mother's Day, so we brought back one of my favorite pieces at Verie. I recently wrote about motherhood, and I mentioned how much of an inspiration my own mother is - especially when it comes to womanhood and confidence. That's what I think of when I wear this necklace - all the mamas out there I draw inspiration from. 

Rain Collection,
Joe Fresh

I was just talking about summer but it is still April - so rain gear is not completely out of my mind! When we lived in Toronto we had more of this type of gear - but I never really had a wardrobe for rain gear. It's just not the first thing you go to when shopping or putting together outfits. That's why I'm obsessed with this rain wear from Joe Fresh. The colors are so on theme for spring and the coats especially are a great pick because they'll last well into the fall and for anyone in warmer climates, they're all-year-long pieces. 


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