Valeria's Edit: What's Worth Buying In February

Valeria's Edit: What's Worth Buying In February

I’m sharing with you a mix of things that I'm really loving lately, and things I bought for myself to close the chapter of the winter season and welcome this new one. Here are the products that are helping me do that (and ones I'm just obsessed with right now).

February. I don't know about you, but for me it’s the time where I'm desperate to be out of our winter habits (even in Miami, where it's warm, I still feel like we're in the winter mindset) and emerge and welcome longer days. I’ve been reading a ton about this year’s Spring/Summer season and the emergence of escapism and romanticism in our styles. I’m also really personally loving this trend of re-connecting with our feminine selves, and pausing to evaluate the different forces of masculine and feminine energies that dictate our everyday. When it comes to fashion, I’m seeing the resurgence of the feminine silhouette that made waves throughout many decades in history - and I am so excited for this trend to continue into the spring and summer months.  


This month, I’m trying to slow down, listen to my body, and surround myself with things that not only serve me but also point to where I’m trying to be. So I’m sharing with you a mix of things that I'm really loving lately, and things I bought for myself to close the chapter of the winter season and welcome this new one. Here are the products that are helping me do that (and ones I'm just obsessed with right now):

Knix: Knixy Deep-V Lace Bralette 


You may remember the Holiday Giveaway we did in December on my Instagram. I love doing these events because it's a great way to share with you the specific brands and products I love and believe in. For Valentine's Day this year and the days leading up to it, we're giving away some beautiful things that I love - this lace bralette included.  


I'm so happy that the style trend of women's intimates has shifted so padded and non-padded bralettes are readily available. I love wearing them as shirts under blazers or with high-waisted bottoms. I've been raving about Knix for awhile now because their collection pieces are just so unbelievably comfortable. We're giving away the above piece with several more from the collection which all look great with low-cut shirts or dresses (and they still hold everything in place). 

Giveaway is running on my Instagram starting February 10th until February 14th!


Verie: Rêver-ie Collection, Pajama Set in Daffodil



When I think of springtime I think of tulips. Of daffodils and daisies and wildflower fields. I said earlier that I feel the world clinging to the idea of escapism. We’ve been through a lot these past two years, so letting our minds wander and explore is a welcome feeling. When I think of romantic places and escaping, I think of a new city, a sunlit forest, a beautiful European garden I can wander through in bare feet.

We launched our sleep collection in January and I’ve been wearing the Daffodil set the most lately since it reminds me of spring flowers, sunlight, and positive energy. We designed this entire collection with a very classy, feminine, Parisian vibe in mind, so it just fits this whole dreaming of and escaping into other places trend.


Evive Smoothies: Yogi (Green Smoothie Mix)


If you’ve followed my life in the past few months you know that I’ve started a fitness journey to feel stronger and learn to support my body. You also may know that I have three young boys, so scheduling in fitness time is a challenge but something I’ve prioritized for my health. Making smoothies has always been a habit for me but never has it been such a lifesaver as right now. My youngest Max loves his green smoothie and it’s an easy breakfast or lunch for me after a workout - so I get to knock two meals off my list of things to prepare. If you’ve been wanting to get some time back in the morning and focus on your own health and prioritize yourself this spring, I recommend an easy mix or blend that gives you protein and nutrients in a simple way. 


TO112: Collagen Hair Mask



I don’t know about you, but winter wreaks havoc on my hair. I put so much time and energy into protecting the health of my hair during these dry months but by the end of the season, I need a good trim and treatment. I like to have a fast-acting hair mask on hand for when I know my scalp or ends are dry but a hair appointment isn’t always in the cards for my schedule. Seriously, solo errands are a rare occurrence these days (I think any parent can relate). I’ve tried a lot of hair masks and this one leaves my hair feeling like new again.

I talk up collagen quite a bit so I love that this product has it baked in. It also has tamanu and argan oil which really makes your hair shiny. This mask is also supposed to promote growth and the strength of your hair so I like to think I’m  prepping my hair for the heat of the summer while treating it right now. 


Chanel: Rouge Coco Flash in Jour



If you’re going to invest in makeup - a good place to start is lipstick. Whenever I want to look instantly more attractive with a minimal amount of effort, I throw on a  shade of lipstick that I know works for me. Sometimes I’ll even dab some of the color onto my cheeks as an instant blush if I’m just running from the car to the next thing in my day. I like this Jour shade because it’s a bit more subtle, but still pops with my skin tone and has a bit of a rosy finish, so it looks great with more basic colors like beige. 


The Frankie Shop: Eva Padded Shoulder
Muscle T-Shirt in White


I'm not exaggerating when I say that I wear this shirt literally all the time. You'll see it in my vlogs and social media because it fits so well with so many of my day-to-day outfits. It's got this beautiful boxed-shoulder shape with a really comfortable fabric, and it's so easy to pull together a casual or a more formal, night-out look with. I wear mine with leather trousers and heels or shorts and blazers, or just at home with jeans or sweats. 

Pictured: Verie, Grace Sunglasses in Tortoise


Dyson: Airwrap Styler



I talk a lot about the Airwrap because I'm on the go so much and I need tools that make bad hair mornings go away. I've mentioned this tool before (a lot of stylists I work with rave about it and it's cordless so you don't have to awkwardly wrap your arms around your head or get tangled in a cord), and it's perfect for making sleek waves without using an extreme amount of heat. I don't feel like I'm damaging my hair when I'm styling it. As someone who needs to be camera-ready often, and as a mom of three, the efficiency really is the selling point for me. In my opinion, the investment is worth it.

Verie: Halle Huggie


Since it's springtime, I'm trying to plan outfits and accessorize with some color. Obviously, the monochromatic black outfit is never going to not look sleek and it's so easy to coordinate, but you can easily add a little pop of something by finding jewelry that does that for you. We released the Halle Huggie this past fall because we wanted something that complimented any ear party without being to over-the-top. I love little accents like huggies or ear cuffs, and these brighter colors right away remind me of spring florals. 


Le Creuset:  Shell Pink Collection

 $50 - $525


Honestly, I haven't had time or energy to host in awhile. I'm trying to take time to reconnect with myself and that means saying "no", setting boundaries with myself and others, and prioritizing time for things that bring me positive vibes. One of those things is spending as much quality time with the Gary and the boys as possible. I sometimes dread meal prepping because it takes so much time and effort - but having meals together as a family is something that really helps me reset and connect. I love a cute matching set with anything - and cook wear is not something I usually focus on. So when I find a coordinated set of actual kitchen items I use often, it just brings me happiness - and color coordination is always a win, in my opinion. 

I'll be sharing a list of my favorite products and brands that are worth checking out each month. See you in March! 


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