Your 2022 Spring Footwear Guide

Your 2022 Spring Footwear Guide

There’s no denying an outfit isn’t complete without a perfect pair of shoes. This spring, we’re seeing the return of trusted footwear of decades past, and thankfully, the most comfortable styles we’ve seen in years.

There’s no denying the perfect outfit isn’t complete without a great pair of shoes; but far too often that means long, soaking foot baths and dozens of blister-preventing bandages just to pull off the perfect pair. Well, it’s finally time for a bit of reprieve for our sore, aching feet as this spring is all about comfort, practicality, and sensibility. Whether you’re looking to spend your hours with your feet submerged in sand, on the dance floor, or strutting down 5th Ave, our spring footwear guide has you covered.

Towel Slides

Image: Pinterest

Can you imagine anything more comfortable and cozy than a squishy pair of slide sandals? Allow me to officially blow your mind with our first shoe of the season - the towel slides. The comfort and ease of a sporty slide, with a lush towel hugging your forefoot. These heaven-sent sandals give us major ‘60s vibes and not only come in some dopamine - inducing colors, but also varying levels of height. You can find them with a wedge or slight platform if you want to add a bit of height to your ensemble without sacrificing that “walking on a cloud” level comfort.

Image: WhoWhatWear

But the ergonomic slides aren’t just great for foot recovery, they’re also easy on the environment. Designers like Picnicwear aren’t just recreating vintage color schemes and patterns, they are actually repurposing vintage towels and other deadstock material to ensure a tiny, yet comfortably chic, carbon footprint. If you’re not into the towel-like texture or these feel too “beach-scene” for you - the format of these sandals are found on the shelves and online these days in a variety of materials. For a more formal take on the casual look, try braided or leather slides in lighter colors to match them to any spring outfit. 

Mary Janes

Image: FASHION Magazine

Mary Janes are, by no means, a new trend in footwear. Even the young ladies of the typically fashion accurate (though probably ahead of its time in this case) period drama, Bridgerton, have been known to rock a Mary Jane or two throughout their Regency London.  Perhaps we have the Netflix original to thank for the stark revival of the leather style in recent years and its departure from its traditional “school-girl” clientele. But more likely (and no shade to Shonda Rhimes or her inspirational fashion), Mary Janes are back this season because they never went away. Most notably, there’s an example of them in one form or another in virtually every Chanel collection since the house started, and both flat and heeled styles walked the runway in 2021.

Image: Unwrapped

It seems as if every decade in recent history (and not so recent, if we’re talking about the Bridgertons) has offered their interpretation of the Mary Janes. While the classic styles were typically made of leather with a low cut-out down the forefoot and one buckled strap across the instep, new styles are popping up to diversify its wearability. Wide sole options for bootcut jeans, formal flats for fitted dress pants, and new-age spins on the classic design to pair with pantyhose and knee-length dresses make Mary Janes the new, versatile queen of the season. 

Image: Elle


Chunky Sandals

Image: WhoWhatWear

In yet another case of ‘90s trends steamrolling their way back into the limelight, chunky sandals have yet again made claim to the title of Fashion’s Favorite Footwear.  With more options than ever, chunky sandals are more cushiony, comfortable, and versatile than ever before. Birkenstocks will always fulfill a classic silhouette with a relaxed, slip-on style, while Doc Martens offer options with straps or with a bit of a platform heel to fit the bill for a variety of occasions. The chunky style, as a rule, is eye-catching footwear and they’re meant to show off our young and playful side; so experiment with eye-catching colors for spring and draw the attention that your chunky sandals demand. If you’re not quite so showy and adventurous, black and navy blues are classic options to adhere to the trends while maintaining a more subdued aesthetic.   

Image: Insider


Image: Insider

We all love the look of a sky-high heel for its elegant feel. But after spending the better part of two years in casual sneakers and house slippers the immediate jump to gravity defying pickle stabbers may just be too much too soon. Insert middleman: the platform shoe. At the risk of beating a dead horse, we’re calling it Y2K fashion continuing to reign supreme with yet another ‘90s throwback. We’re already seeing celebrities like Beyonce in six-inch Versaces, Dua Lipa in platform flip flops, and countless other celebrities rocking their own platform styles from sneakers to elevated Mary Janes.

So, whether you want to relive your favorite Baby Spice concert-wear or you’re just looking to add some length to your silhouette with a safety cushion for your out-of-practice ankles, platform shoes have you covered.

Image: Popsugar


Image: NYMag

Clogs get a bad rap for being noisy, lifeless, and are described by many as downright ugly. But this classic Dutch creation is on the rise in a newly inspired way and we’re ready to ditch the negative connotation for good.  Not only does the slip-on style fit perfectly with fashion’s newly acquired appreciation for comfortable footwear, but we’re also seeing creative colors, prints, and even inventive new styles that are takes on the '70s clog fashion. They're frankly a far cry from the wooden clompers we’re used to thinking about when we hear the word “clogs.” The rubber variety is great for the rainy days of spring, but classic suedes in gray and beige are still widely available for the more “everyday” purpose. They’re stylish, they’re comfortable, and they’re clomping their way back onto the scene this spring and we’re here for it.

Image: StyleCaster


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