Your Winter Skin Survival Guide: Get Ready With Us

Your Winter Skin Survival Guide: Get Ready With Us

We can't forget that colder winter air can wreak havoc on our beloved sun kissed summer skin. Dryness is a number one concern, but we don't have to say goodbye to that summer glow as we step out in our warm faux furs! Here's Valeria's tried and true winter skin survival guide in thirteen quick steps.
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We love a candy cane hot chocolate and snow dust setting as much as the next person, but don't we know all too well the toll of the winter season on our skin. For all the seasonal delights, winter landscapes, and cozy evenings, we can't forget that colder winter air can wreak havoc on our beloved sun-kissed summer skin. Dryness is a number one concern; but we don't have to say goodbye to that warm glow as we step out in our faux fur and boots! Here's Valeria's tried and true winter skin survival guide and the best products we've found to maintain that beautiful glow all season long.

Step 1: Cleansing

Image & Product: Kora Organics

You're going to want to choose a cleanser that is really hydrating - even if you usually don't use a super heavy product in the summer, remember that you're battling the elements during this season. Valeria uses Kora Organics' Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleaning Oil because it's not as oily as most cleaning oils tend to be, but still super hydrating for your face. 

Tip: Make sure to pat your face dry - don't towel rub dry!

When to use: for when you just want to clean your face, not necessarily remove makeup. For makeup removal, use a heavier oil-based cleanser.

Step 2: Facial Spray

Image & Product: Mario Badescu

Valeria has used facial spray, specifically this one, for years while rotating through a few different products. It's important to try out new scents and feels if you're able. The Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs & Rosewater by Mario Badescu is a cult favorite for a reason: we love anything with aloe because it's extremely hydrating and rosewater has been used on skin since medieval times. 

Quick history lesson on rosewater for you skincare nerds out there: rosewater is said to have been created and traded first in Persia (that's modern day Iran where 90% of rosewater still comes from today). In the Middle Ages, rosewater was used to clean your hands before eating and it was prescribed for multiple internal physical relievers. It's used globally to this day because of its power of toning and hydrating any skin type while helping to balance your natural oil production, increase circulation, and encourage a clear complexion. 

When to use: a spritz of facial spray with rosewater in the morning will hydrate your skin and make sure it's welcoming for the next steps of this skincare routine. 

Step 3: Brighten & Depuff

Image & Product: Sunday Riley

Time to care for the most sensitive skin on your face. Early mornings are a great time to depuff the area around your eyes. So many skincare experts Valeria worked with through the years stress the importance of paying attention to the entire skin area around your eyes. Remember to make sure it's nourished and protected every day - especially in winter when your skin is most dry. 

If you need a recommendation, we always love a 2-in-1 situation. Valeria's go-to right now is Sunday Riley's Auto Correct Brightening and Depuffing Eye Contour Cream. It's a beautiful cream that also applies a little shimmer to help brighten the skin around your eyes while simultaenously hydrating it. Pat your fingertips when you apply it all the way around your eyes and eyebrows. 

When to use: Every single morning, especially in the winter. 

Step 4: Moisturizer! 

Image & Product: Allure

You didn't think we were done hydrating yet, did you? Hot tip: in winter, you're never done moisturizing. Buy products that build in a hydration factor like a hydrating primer and foundation. There are tons of products on the market that have vitamin E (great for healing the skin) and aloe vera (hydrating). 

Valeria has sensitive and dry skin, so anything 'rich cream' she has to try. The Rich Cream Moisturizer by Augustinus Bader has been everyone's favorite for awhile now. As we all age, we may begin to notice that our skin reacts differently to different products or seasons. It's just part of gracefully ageing and we need to recognize it and adapt. Support your skin's changes by investing in products that will help protect it during this process. 

When to use: every day, especially in winter months. 

Step 5: Face Toning 

Image & Product: NuFace

This toning device is like a gym for your muscles; it helps tighten and lift everything. Anyone over 30? Who's with us? Use a toning device two to three times a week. If you're consistent, for only 8-10 minutes a day, you can see results. Start slow and gift yourself this self care time. Our favorite right now is the Trinity Facial Toning Device by NuFace. We got ours on Revolve. 

When to use: every morning to help wake your skin up.


Image & Product: Supergoop!

But it's winter! It doesn't matter. Never skip the sunscreen step. Even on the bleakest, most wintery, most non-existent-sun day should you skip this step. If you're leaving your house, you need to protect your face with SPF. 

We recommend the Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 because it's gel-like and it applies like a primer would. Again, we love a 2-in-1 bonus in our products. This gel creates a protection film on your skin and it actually holds our makeup pretty well when applied over top. Don't forget your neck and ears. 

When to use: we cannot stress this enough. Use every day. 


Step 7: Tinted Moisturizer 

Image & Product: Charlotte Tilbury

Now onto our secret weapon: Charlotte Tilbury's Unisex Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer; perfect for men, too. It's a cream but once you start rubbing it into your skin, it begins to give color to your face. Use this on days when you want a break from foundation. 

A quick thought on foundation: heavier foundations are great if you want to create that even pallet look and maintain full coverage. But it's good to get comfortable with your natural skin, too. Freckles, age spots, acne scars; they're part of your natural beauty and we find they're really becoming. Also, it's healthy to give your skin a chance to breathe between heavy makeup days. Try to bake these into your weekly schedule. All we use on those days in terms of coverage is sunscreen and a bit of color from a tinted moisturizer. Foundation is good for photo days or date nights, but this product is great for a glow and balanced tint on days when you're not as up close and personal. 

When to use: Off days, when you're not feeling heavy makeup and you want to give your skin a break. 


Step 8: Brow time

Image & Product: Kosas

A little goes a long way. Valeria is using the Kosas Air Brow Medium in Chocolate Brown this winter. It's a volumizing treatment gel, and it's basically a substitute for having your eyebrows professionally tinted. If you think you don't have thick brows naturally, think again. Just use the wand to delicately pull your hair out to bring color evenly throughout your brow hair. Sweep up and out to create that thick shape and make sure the pigment is delivered even. 

When to use: use every day. Try substituting for eyebrow tinting. 


Step 9: Concealer 

Image & Product: Ilia

For those of us who wish to cover up any dark circles or red spots, the Ilia True Skin Serum Concealer is a natural option with an anti-crease serum built in (2-in-1, people!) Just use a tiny bit on your fingertips and dot on your face to apply. This makes it easier to blend evenly. You can use a brush to blend but using your fingers will help warm up the formula and set it evenly into the skin (make sure to wash your hands before applying). 

Tip: apply concealer to the outside of your lips to help lift that area up. 

When to use: when you don't want to use a ton of product and have specific areas you want to lighten and lift. 

Step 10: Bronzer

Image & Product: Charlotte Tilbury

This bronzer strikes the best balance of natural and effective. Valeria has used Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar Bronze & Glow for years because it really warms up and shapes your face, and we believe, it's the best option on the market to fulfil that purpose. 

Tip: dab a little bit on your eyelids to give that area a glow. 

When to use: every day for an easy instant glow. 

Step 11: Lip & Eye 

Image & Product: Ilia

Valeria uses the color 'sing' from Ilia's Color Haze-Matte Cheek, Lip & Eye Pigment. Tap a little and blend on your cheeks and lips. Use your fingers to shape the blush up on your cheeks to really define your face shape.

For you lips, finger-tap the pigment on rather than gliding it on like a normal lipstick application. We use this technique for lipstick as well because it creates that more 'lip stain' look rather than a super defined lip. 

When to use: When it's the dead of winter and you haven't seen the sun in awhile! Gives instant color. 


Step 12: Mascara 

Image & Product: Kosas

We like to create a bit more of a 'lift' effect to our eyes by focusing the mascara application to the outer lashes. It makes your eyelashes appear longer and voluminous. Right now, we use Kosas' The Big Clean Mascara. 

When to use: when you want your eyes to pop.


Step 13: Hair 

Image & Product: Kosas

If you follow us regularly, you've probably deduced that Valeria's go-to hair style (especially on busy days) is the sleek low bun. It looks super chic and keeps your hair out of your face. Especially on windy winter nights, you might have to tame some pesky flyaways.

Hot tip: always keep a translucent brow gel in your purse. Again, we love products that can be used in multiple places. Valeria uses Kosas's Air Brow Clear Lifting Treatment Gel on-the-go. Just use a little to smooth back any rogue hairs!

When to use: on windy nights or after busy mornings.

Most favorite discovery of 2021

Image & Product: Oribe

For one final touch: perfume. Our favorite product discovery this year was Oribe Cote d'Azur Eau de Parfum. We use it as one final spritz to make us feel clean, done-up, and set for the day. 

When to use: when you want a laid back, refreshing perfume to start your day with. 


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Aquila Olose

Loved these product recommendations and tips for winter. Thank you!

Loved these product recommendations and tips for winter. Thank you!

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